Update to Critical Notice for QuickBooks 2010 Customers

Attention all businesses that have QuickBooks 2010 or prior, here is a clarification of what is happening with 1099- MISC tax forms and what to do about it. 

  •          The IRS changes to the Tax Year 2013 1099- MISC tax form did not include adding any boxes.
  •        However, the IRS changes did include changing the format, size and/ or position of the number of boxes.
  •          It is reformatting of the boxes by the IRS that will cause the alignment issues when customers on unsupported versions of QuickBooks print their 1099-MISC forms.
  •         Only customers on QuickBooks 2010 or prior are impacted by these IRS changes and  need to consider upgrading or handwriting the forms.
  •          Customers on QuickBooks 2011-2014 are NOT impacted by these IRS changes. They will be able to print their 1099s correctly from QuickBooks

As previously mentioned, impacted customers have two options:

·         OPTION 1: Complete the 1099-MISC forms by hand and submit them to IRS. The IRS will accept handwritten forms. Business owners can go to http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/i1099gi.pdf , Section G for IRS guidelines and details on filing by hand.

·         OPTION 2: Upgrade to QuickBooks 2014. Upgrading to QuickBooks 2014 will help save your business time by allowing you to print 1099s directly from QuickBooks , with no alignment issues. Their QuickBooks data will print directly from QuickBooks 2014 onto the correct section of your 1099 forms. 

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