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Nevada Child Support Info for Employers: "Need to Knows"

Income Withholding Order/Notice Income withholding is the court or administratively ordered deduction of a specified amount from a parent’s income for payment of child support. All employers must honor an income withholding order/notice for child support from any state. Out-of-state income withholding orders/notices are valid throughout the country including US Territories. All states are required to use a standardized withholding form entitled Order/Notice to Withhold Income for Child Support (OMB No. 0970-0154). A child support income withholding order/notice must be paid before all other garnishments, with one exception. The only exception is a Federal (IRS) tax levy entered prior to when the child support order was established. It is the date the child support order is established, and not the date the withholding order/notice is served on the employer, that determines precedence. The employer deducts the specified amount of child support each pay period and sends it to the: