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New Changes To QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online form designs are getting a makeover! Invoices, estimates and sales receipts will look a bit different by the end of this week. The change will allow you to: Save and us multiple templates Choose from different styles Resize columns Capture invoice signatures directly on your phone or tablet Enlarge your logo by uploading it again.  Have any questions regarding QuickBooks? Call the QuickBooks Gal! You can now book online by visiting Click the 'BOOK ONLINE' button on the home page!

Data Security

I recently read a reprint of an article in The General Ledger that I would like to share with everyone . Emails With Sensitive Data. Customer, client or vendor emails may contain SSNs, EINs or bank account numbers ripe for identity theft. When you type in an email address, Auto-fill may complete the wrong addressee, leading to sensitive correspondence being sent to the wrong person. Encrypt sensitive email. G-mail autoatically tries to encrypt your outgoing and incoming emails using Transport Layer Security (TLS). If you use G-mail and want to know if an email is encrypted, go to the upper lefthand corner of the message and click on the small down arrow. However, if an incoming email is from a service that that does not support TLS, both outgoing and incoming emails may lack encryption. You can also encrypt a single Outlook email--or all Outlook emails. To find out how, push the F1 button and type "Encrypt email" in search box.  Documents with sensitive data To prot