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Intuit Quickbooks Introduces Reorder Points

You now have the ability through Inuit's latest version of Quickbooks to take control of your businesses inventory.  With the newest update, the most recent Inventory Reorder Point feature lets you set a minimum quantity of a product to keep on-hand at all times. Once the on-hand quantity is at or under the assigned threshold, QuickBooks will notify you to order more stock, as well as easily creating a purchase order to restock those items. This helps you not run out of stock when customers need it the most! Also, this new feature takes the stress off of counting inventory. With easy to read tables and all your inventory data in one spot, it is a breeze to navigate through cash flows and inventory levels.  Setting a reorder point You can create a reorder point when you add new inventory items into QuickBooks. To set it up for an existing item follow the steps below. 1. Click the Gear icon → Products and Services. 2. Find the inventory item in the list. 3. In its

Quickbooks Phishing Scam

The Better Business Bureau has given  warning about a new e-mail scam that specifically targets users of Intuit's Quickbooks accounting software.  An email will arrive in your inbox. The subject of this email may be something like "Quickbooks Support: Change Request". According to "Accounting Today", the email is asking for you to confirm that you have changed the name of your business and provides a link to click to reject the request. Once the link is clicked on, it leads to a website that will download malware to your device. Once malware is on your computer, it allows people to look into your computer, take passwords, and breach on other personal information. Look out for believable emails as this one, and never click on the links. In order to make sure if it is legitimate or not, check the reply email address or hover over the link to see what web address it will be taking you to. They may try to send you to a familiar sounding link, but look for

It's Monday...

MONDAY'S If your favorite day of the week is Monday, you're probably one in a million. Even though the beginning of the week may be tough for a lot of us, here are some cute, inspirational quotes to pick yourself up. Make this week the best one yet! All of us at the Quickbooks Gal hope you make the most of each day you are given! Have a great week and keep your head up. You're worth it! Got a Quickbooks mess? Call the Quickbooks Gal!

2017 Pay Roll & Mileage Rates

2017 Payroll & Mileage Rates A few rates relating to payroll and mileage have changed since last year. Here is a list of updated rates to keep you and your employees in the loop! Payroll rates and bases Employee Social Security - 6.20% Employer Social Security - 6.20% Employee Medicare - 1.45%* Employer Medicare - 1.45% Social Security wage limit - $127,200 Medicare wage limit* - Unlimited FUTA-tax wage base - $7000 FUTA rate - 6.0% FUTA maximum credit - 5.4% Min. FUTA deposit rate (most firms) - 0.6% *Withhold added Medicare tax of .9% on wages over 200,000 Standard business mileage rate  - 53.5 ¢/mi Got a Quickbooks Mess? Call the Quickbooks Gal!