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Pay Sales Tax in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions

Verify the Taxes Due: Vendors Sales Tax Sales Tax Liability Make sure that the dates of liability are LAST MONTH - note the amounts due to each agency and the amounts due: Return to Vendors, Sales Tax, then select Pay Sales Tax: When the window opens, pay one agency at a time…first do the one that exact (typically NV  Dept of Taxation – City of East Bayshore in this example). Be sure to set the correct bank  account from which to deduct the monies, then set the date of the withdrawal and most  importantly, set the tax liability date – should be last month under show sales tax due through  date. Finally determine if you want QB to assign a check number or if you prefer to do so at a  later time, select “ to be printed ": Now return to Vendor, Sales Tax, Pay Tax window to pay the taxes that require rounding: Select all taxes (they both go to the same tax agency)  Select the ADJUST button  In this example, the payment can b

What To Do In Reno This Holiday Season

The Holiday Season is quickly approaching! Thanksgiving is next week which means the start of everything Christmas starts less than 10 days! Here are a list of family fun activities to do this Holiday season!  Nov 14 - Apr 24 Monster Fish: In Search of the Last River Giants Learn more about how to protect the big fish in the world! Where: The Discovery - Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum 490 S. Center Street Reno, NV 89501 November 19th : Winter Wine & Ski Expo Enjoy live music, wine, beer and a silent auction! Where: Atlantis Casino Resort Spa 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM November 22: Holiday Wine Walk Grab the girls and go on a fun wine walk through Reno!  Where: Great Western Marketplace 1-3:00 pm Reno Big Horns Cheer on the Reno Big Horns! Where: Reno Events Center 6-9:00 pm November 24 -December 27 Ebenezer: A Musical Christmas Carol Watch this Christmas classic and support local theater!  Where:

Having Problems With The New QuickBooks Online Desktop App?

Did you download the new QuickBooks Online Desktop App? It's great! You can access your QuickBooks in one click!  Although we are experiencing some glitches. Unable to log in? Restart your computer Check your internet Double check your login and password Still unable to login? Go online and log in through here You should be able to log in and get right into your books!  Check out why we love the Desktop App

Winter Driving Tips

Winter is finally here! That means snow, ice and very very cold mornings Here are some tips to help winterize your car and be safe this winter! Check your tires, make sure they are fully inflated  Never mix your tires, this means don't have two studs and two regular tires Do not use cruise control when it is icy, raining or snowing Keep your gas tank at least half way full to avoid gas line freezing  Accelerate slowly and take plenty of time to stop at a red light or stop sign. If you try to speed up and it is snowing you have more chances of losing control Never use hot water to defrost your windows, your windows will crack Cat Litter, keep it in the back of your car to give some extra weight to the end of your car. Plus if you get stuck in the snow you can use it to help get your car out Avoid hills and especially avoid stopping on hills. It is hard to get traction when it is snowy or icy, and if you stop there is a good chance you can't get