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QuickBooks - Up & Down - Versions & Product Levels

Hi, I’m Jayne Miller, the QuickBooks Gal . Welcome to another in our series of “ Quicklets” –informational podcasts about QuickBooks, Peachtree, Microsoft Office Accounting and related bookkeeping topics. Don't forget that you can listen to our archived podcasts at I recently received an email from one of our listeners, Debbie in the Virgin Islands. Debbie asked if she can "upgrade" her QuickBooks data from Enterprise Solutions version 5.0 to QuickBooks Pro 2007. Additionally, she would like to move from PC to Mac. Well, the answer is No, and Yes. In QuickBooks, as with many other accounting software programs, you can move up from a lower version to a higher version, whether the "up" is version or product level. Versions are generally noted by the Year or release version, ie: QuickBooks 2005, or Internet Explorer 7. Product Levels generally offer the distinction in the name and refer to performance capablilty. For instance,