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SCAMMER ALERT: Can you Hear me?

SCAMMER ALERT! Can you hear me?   Answering this simple question over the phone may put you in an unwanted situation. Across the United States, people just like you and I are becoming victims of a scam. It all starts with a phone call   Often times, the number trying to reach you is from a familiar area code, which increases the probability of you picking up. Once on the line, you will most likely hear a kind voice. Sometimes they will tell you a little bit about themselves and what company they are with. Then, they may ask you something along the lines of "Can you hear me?".  Do NOT say yes Saying yes to this innocent question, often actually spoken by a recording, will cause you to be a victim of a scam. The "yes" or "sure" you recite will be recorded and then played back to accept various offers. Some common bills have been from cruise lines and homeland security companies. They may also use your voice to confirm charges o


Nevada Sales Tax to Increase  in Select Counties If you are a resident of Washoe or Clark County, make sure you are informed and aware of these sales tax hikes in just a few months. "Those who collect and remit Sales and Use Tax will need to make changes to business processes as necessary to collect tax at the new rate. Businesses should be sure to file the most recent tax return forms. Filling online at Nevada Tax Center is the best option to ensure up-to-date tax rates."  If you have questions or need more information, please call the Nevada Department of Taxation at:  866-962-3707 Information from this blog, as well as tax returns can be found on the Nevada Department of Taxation website: Also, if you have any concerns regarding the new tax raises you may also feel free to contact us here at the QuickBook Gals.  Got a Quickbooks mess? Call the Quickbooks Gal!

5 Ways to Defeat the Cold this Winter

5 Helpful Tips to Defeat the Cold this Winter It's that time of year again, where the cold is really hitting hard. Around this time, you are most likely dreaming of laying on a beach somewhere and praying that your car heater prevails through the 10 degree weather. Here are some tips to keep your spirits up, even though the temperature is down: 1. Stay Active The winter is known for being a time where most people get the blues. The sun is rarely out, it's easy to stay in bed all day. Make sure you are staying active! One great thing about the cold is that you can participate in many winter sports you may not have the opportunity to do any other time of year. Exercise is proven to lift spirits and now is the perfect time to dust off those skis! 2. Avoid Cold and Flu Along with exercise, staying healthy and away from cold and flu is another way to keep yourself going during the winter. Nothing quite gets your down like bad weather and sickness. Mak

Profit & Loss Accounts: Are you familiar?

Back to the Basics:  Profit and Loss Accounts A few weeks ago, we posted a blog covering the basics of a balance sheet. This time, we will be covering the Profit and Loss accounts and what they consist of.  Profit and Loss accounts are a component of the chart of accounts: The Chart of Accounts is the entire run down of a business’ accounts and their balances. This keeps track of how much money your company has, owes, and what’s coming in and out. The more accurate the information is, the more useful the reports will be, therefore watch out for errors and try to be consistent as possible when assigning accounts to transactions.  In addition, Profit and Loss Accounts, display how your business is doing over a period of time. It showcases the money that is flowing in and out over a month, year, etc. This is different from a balance sheet, for it only shows your businesses assets, liabilities, and equity at one period in time.  Here's a run down of what the averag