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Have Remote Session With The QuickBooks Gal? Here is How To Get Started!

The QuickBooksGal offers remote support services; the latest technologies for screen sharing.  Gaining access to your screen allows our experts to view your precise problem and rectify it swiftly.  These remote support sessions allow our Advisers to troubleshoot QuickBooks issues from any location, and it is 100% guaranteed to be confidential.  The QuickBooks Gal has remote sessions, which means we can help you no matter where your business is!  Here is how to get started! Download Chrome: Open up your current browser, such as FireFox or Internet Explorer and Google "Chrome download" Follow the instructions to download- if you chose not to use chrome you can always use but Chrome Remote Session is just easier to use After Chrome is installed Google "Chrome Remote Desktop" Click on Chrome Remote Desktop- Chrome Web Store Click Install: Mine says 'Launch App' because I have already downloaded the app

Spring and Summer Is Coming! And So Are The Bugs!

Spring is right around the corner-and then summer!  Which means bugs! From mosquitoes, spiders and beetles no one wants to deal with them inside their home or office! Here are some natural ways to get rid of the pesky bugs for your business and your home! Mosquito: Mosquitoes hate lavender! You can plant some around your home or restaurant if you have a deck that your guests dine out on. Note: Flies also hate it as well Follow this easy DIY mason jar candle tutorial to keep the mosquitoes at bay and also create a beautiful center piece for the tables: Spiders: Spiders hate mint! You can have a few plants around the house or you can put it in spray bottle (water and few drops of mint oil) and spray around the house, office or anywhere else you do not want to see spiders. Flies: Everyone hates being annoyed by flies! If you own a restaurant or enjo