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2015 QuickBooks Maintenance Update

QuickBooks has updated! Here are some of the issues that were resolved: Fix for Printing of PrePrinted Forms - Fixed an issue that caused the footer fields (Subtotal, Sales Tax, Total, Payments/Credits) to not print when using the setting intended to print on Pre-printed forms (from Intuit). Network Issue Help not working – There was a problem encountered when clicking the ‘tell me more” button some users experienced 'errors'. It will now take you to the appropriate Technical Support.  Accountant Toolbox Errors – The new ‘accountant’s toolbox’ which can only be accessed in QuickBooks Pro and Premier by an External Accountant User  was displaying some “License Not Found” error.  All these errors should be fixed with the new QuickBooks Update!  As always if you have any questions or concerns about QuickBooks do not hesitate to call

QuickBooks Online- Time to Switch?

There is so much to love about QuickBooks Online! With QuickBooks Online, bookkeeping doesn't have to be chore, with QuickBooks Online all basic tasks are now easier than ever! With QuickBooks Online it does the work for you, that way you have more free time!  Reasons to Love QuickBooks Online: Save time inputting data and stay on top of all your books: QuickBooks Online has automatic data entry, that way you don't accidently double entry or forget one. Have accurate records in and outside of the office: With QuickBooks Online you are able to take pictures of receipts or statements and see them later in QuickBooks. You can have your team be able to have access to your QuickBooks if needed: Now you can have your Accountant and employees using QuickBooks Online simultaneously; no waiting for files to be emailed or waiting for the flash drive. There is also no need to have multiple back up files! QuickBooks Online is backed up with bank-level security  M

Unable to Align W-2/ W-3 when printing on Pre Printed Forms?

Unable to Align W-2/W-3 when printing on Pre Printed Forms Unable to align Pre Printed W-2/W-3 Forms so that they print in the boxes correctly W-2/W-3 Alignment Issue Fixed Intuit has released a payroll forms update on   January 9, 2015 , with revised W-2 and W-3 forms.  In order to ensure accurate alignment when printing W-2s or W-3s on pre-printed forms, you must have an active payroll subscription and you must download this latest update. To download this update from QuickBooks, choose Employees > Get Payroll Updates. Click Update.  When the update is completed,  you will receive a confirmation message on your screen.  Click OK to read about the details of the update.  Please note that your tax table version and your payroll version will not change after you’ve downloaded this update. After downloading the update, you may still need to adjust the alignment of your forms to work with your printer.  Click  here  for more details about how to do a test print of your W-2s