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QuickBooks Basics - Weekly Classes

Weekly QuickBooks Basics Classes Start This Week! Every Thursday Beginning July 2nd at 9:00 and 1:00 Custom Business Solutions now offers 2 weekly sessions The Basics of Using QuickBooks Accounting Software 2-Hour Sessions Each Session is only $50 Seating is Li mited! Register today at Our Regular Classes: Weekly - QuickBooks Basics Monthly - QuickBooks Basics for Mac Users Monthly - QuickBooks Basics for Point of Sale Users Special Topics Classes: QuickBooks Basics for Manufacturing, Contractors, Industry Specific Peachtree QuickBase Customized Classes Available upon request; see instructor or give us a call! If you are looking to learn the basics of QuickBooks, increase your understanding and enhance your job performance, or you need some training in order to add skills to your resume, then these classes are for you! Our certified experts are here to us today! Got a QuickBooks Mess ? Call The QuickBooks Gal!

3 Ways to Pay Credit Cards in QuickBooks

When you use a credit card to pay for goods & services, there are three ways to record those purchases into your QuickBooks company file. Pay your credit card in full each month - paper check or online #1 - If you pay your monthly bill in full, just Write a Check to the credit card company. You will then "expense" the charges in the accounting section of the check. Don't forget that yo u have two tabs in the section where you enter your is for expenses, and one is for items (affect inventory & Cost o f Goods Sold). You can switch back and forth between the two tabs in order to record all expenses and items purchased with the credit card. The total of the two tabs should equal the total of the Credit Card Amount you wish to pay. If you pay your card online, you can enter "online" or the authorization number as the check number. #2 - Select Enter Bills to create a bill. Use the same method to "expense" the cha

QuickBooks Payroll Tax Table Update Released

Intuit has released a new Payroll Tax Table Update. Check here for updates to QuickBooks 2007, 2008, 2009 Intuit QuickBooks Payroll Update 20916 was released June 16, 2009. Payroll Update 20916 allows you to create paychecks dated in either 2008 or 2009. It has selected federal updates for 2009, including federal withholding rates. It also has selected state updates for 2009. I hope you find this useful...check back for more QuickBooks Gal tips. Got a QuickBooks Mess ? Call The QuickBooks Gal! If you are looking for QuickBooks Enterprise Support, QuickBase Support, Point of Sale Support or if you're looking for Cash Register Solutions, call us - we're Intuit Solutions Providers. Follow us on Twitter! Call us for all Your Point of Sale Needs! Sales, Installation, Training & Support! 775-348-9200 Custom Business Solutions 1755 E Plumb Lane, Ste 101 Reno, NV 89502 ©200

NV Sales Tax Rates Change July 1st

If you are a Nevada business person or resident, you should be aware that the State Legislature passed an increase in the Sales & Use Tax rates that become effective July 1, 2009 (just 20 days from now). You will need to change your cash registers, accounting software and web store rates in order to be compliant. Look for my podcast later this week for tips you'll need for changing your tax rates in QuickBooks. I'll do a similar post for Peachtree users. Nevada Sales Tax Rates Effective 7.1.09 Carson City 7.475% Churchill 7.60% Clark 8.10% Lyon 7.10% Douglas 7.10% Elko 6.85% Esmerelda 6.85% Eureka 6.85% Humbolt 6.85% Lander 7.10% Lincoln 7.10% Mineral 6.85% Nye 7.10% Pershing 7.10% Storey 7.60% Washoe 7.725% White Pine 7.475% I hope you find this useful...check back for more QuickBooks Gal tips. Got a QuickBooks Mess ? Call The QuickBooks Gal! If you are looking for QuickBooks Enterprise Supp

Transfer Funds Between Bank Accounts

If you are like most of us, you have two or more business bank accounts and often transfer funds between accounts. There is an easy way to do this in QuickBooks! You may have one account for your General Operating Funds, another for Payroll or Credit Card Processing, or a Business Savings account. When you transfer funds between accounts at your bank or online, you also need to reflect a "transfer of funds" in QuickBooks. I'll use my business practice as an example: I maintain a separate checking account into which customer payments made by credit card are deposited. This allows me to track credit card deposits and the time it takes to post in a separate account. It also makes reconciling my bank accounts so much simpler. Once a week, I transfer the funds online from t he Credit Card Account to the Operating Account. Then I make a simple transfer in QuickBooks by using the BANKING module located at the center of the top tool bar in QuickBooks. From the

June QuickBooks User Group

Free "Jam Sessions" with The QuickBooks Gal! That's right! Every week in June, beginning Tuesday June 9th, The QuickBooks Gal will be hosting FREE QuickBooks Jam Sessions. QuickBooks users who would like to meet with The Q uickBooks Gal and local QuickBooks users to learn more about QuickBooks, share ideas, and find solutions. These are not classes, but rather "jam sessions" where you can meet with other Quickbooks users to ask questions, find local support, and learn tips & tricks from The QuickBooks Gal and other QB users just like you! Attendees will be entered into our weekly drawing to win a QuickBooks Gal Tote Bag & 1G Flash Drive Attendance is limited and you are encouraged to bring your laptop. If you don't have QuickBooks issues, then listen to others, share your tips & tricks, and meet local bookkeepers & business owners who are us ing this great acco unting software. This is a great opportunity to learn how ot