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QBO App For Mac

QuickBooks Online now has an app for Mac users! And it's free! Just download the new QuickBooks Online App from your App Store on your Mac! The app will show up on your desktop, so all it takes is one click and you have access to your books! You can stay signed in, have an easier navigating system and the pages load faster! You can even have multiple windows open! Just drag and drop windows, this way you can see your Sales Transaction list as well as Open Invoices, or even the check form and the bank register! There is even a Quick View Quick View helps you be up to date on what is going on in your business, straight from your desktop! New to QuickBooks Online? There is so much you can do with QuickBooks Online  You can create invoices, accept payments, you can even take photos of your receipts and upload them to QuickBooks! Have Point of Sale or thinking about getting Point of Sale? If you have a Point of Sale system, iPad by Revel or Deskt