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New Desktop App For QuickBooks Online

Good news QuickBooks Online users! There is now a QuickBooks Online App for Windows and Mac! Check out the amazing new features: Get straight into working by just clicking the desktop app! Pages now load faster, no matter waiting! You can stay logged in, which means you can start wherever you left off! Use the same keyboard shortcuts you already know and love! Save time with automatic refresh of open windows—when you edit an expense, an open report in another window will automatically refresh with the data. Easily work within multiple windows that you can drag and drop anywhere, even across screens and side by side. You can fire up the QuickBooks Online App straight from your desktop! QuickBooks Online is made to help you make running your business a lot easier. With the QuickBooks Online app you can check up on your business anytime, anywhere with any smartphone or tablet! Have any

QuickBooks Online Home Page

New to QuickBooks Online? Here are some tips about the home page to help you get the most out of QuickBooks Online 1) The QuickBooks Logo No matter where you are on QuickBooks Online, press the logo and you are sent straight back to the homepage 2) Welcome Guide Have a question or maybe you forget how to add a check, check the Welcome Guide and most of your questions can be answered. Can't find the answer? Call The QuickBooks Gal! 3) Private Mode Need to do some work at Starbucks? Hide important information with in Private Mode, so wondering eyes don't see 4) Bars in the Income Section This is the most important part of the home page! See overdue and paid transactions! QuickBooks Online is made to help make your life easier!  Have a question or concern?  Call The QuickBooks Gal today!  Don't forget QuickBooks Online is mobile, which means you can use it anytime, anywhere! 

Nevada Business Tax Update: Commerce Tax

If you have a business in Nevada, you should have received a notice recently from the Nevada Department of Taxation regarding the Commerce Tax that went into effect July 1, 2015.   The Commerce Tax is a gross revenue tax on each business in this state whose Nevada gross revenue in a fiscal year exceeds $4,000,000. The Fiscal Year started on July 1 st , 2015 This tax is imposed on any business entity engaged in an activity with the object of gain, benefit, advantage, either direct or indirect, to any person or governmental entity. The tax is collected annually by the Department of Taxation with the first return and payment due August 15, 2016 for July 1, 2015- June 30, 2016.   All Businesses are required to file to Commerce Tax Return From annually. The tax is based on Nevada Gross Revenue as defined in Section 8 of Senate Bill 483 pursuant to section 22, and may include various adjustments to that amount pursuant to section 21 of the bill to the extent they are adjustment

Nevada Businesses: Changes To Nevada Modified Business Taxes

As of July 1, 2015 the rate for general business is 1.475% with the exemption of $50K per quarter.  The rate for financial institutions and any entity subject to the Net Proceeds of Minerals Tax is 2% with no exemption The previous exemption was 85,000 per quarter.  For more information on this please visit the State of Nevada Department of Taxation website at  or call them at  866-962-3707

New August QuickBooks Online Apps And Add-On's

QuickBooks Online has Apps and Add-On's made to help you get the most out of QuickBooks Online  Here are the new apps that have just been released! For more information on these Apps visit: Neat: Have a lot of receipts, invoices or other types of documents that you need to insert into QuickBooks? Neat makes it easy for you to upload any type of document and save it into QuickBooks Online with a scanner or mobile device. Simply take a picture using your smart phone and upload it through Neat, which connects to your QuickBooks Online. When you upload the photo of the document Neat finds the important information such as Name, Date, and Amount and inserts it into QuickBooks. Full Slate: Have trouble keeping track of all your appointments? Full Slate is your one stop solution for all your appointment needs. Not only can you keep track of when and where your next appointm

More Reasons To Love QuickBooks Online

The QuickBooks Gal cannot get enough of QuickBooks Online!  And why not? There is so much to love about it!  It's Mobile!: With the QuickBooks Online Mobile App you are able to check up on your business anytime, anywhere on any mobile device. Including your tablet! How nice would it be to sit on the beach and check up on your business without having to leave your vacation?  See Who Has Paid..And Who Hasn't!: With QuickBooks Online you can see who has paid you and who still needs to pay you. What's even better? You can send invoices to the people who still need to pay you, with the payments feature your customers can press a "pay now' button and your invoices will be paid instantly via credit card or bank statement.  How easy is that?? Save Time and Reduce Double Entry Errors: Take pictures of your receipts and upload them to QuickBooks Online, no more saving receipts and trying to figure out which one you have already entered in! Sync QuickBooks On