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Five New Features in QuickBooks 2015!

Five New   Features in QuickBooks 2015 QuickBooks 2015 came out this September and you may be wondering why should you upgrade. Here are some new features in QuickBooks 2015 Feature 1: Prevent Negative Inventory In the past QuickBooks has allowed you to sell more of an item than you have in stock. When this happens the item’s quantity went negative, and that had a long ramifications on an item’s average cost. New in 2015 QuickBooks Enterprise is a preference to prevent negative inventory . With this preference, QuickBooks will prevent posting transactions, such as invoices and sales receipts that would result in a negative quantity. Feature 2: Income Tracker v2 The Income Tracker is designed to simplify customer income tracking. Income tracker lets you drill down into various transactions types by simply clicking on corresponding color blocks on the top visual bar. It also provides the option to ‘take action’ relative to the specific details you identify. New for 2015

QuickBooks Update!

QuickBooks Update! Here’s a list of QuickBooks enhancements for September. Thanks as always for your feedback!  Bank feed rules. Process bank feed transactions faster and with more control using bank rules. Create rules to scan bank items for certain details, and then assign specific payees and categories to them. Applied rules appear on the Bank Transactions page here and here. To get started, go to Transactions > Banking > Update > Manage rules (upper right corner). And look for a separate article on how to use rules coming soon! Send later. A Send later checkbox now appears on invoices, estimates, sales receipts, credit memos, and related recurring transactions. This lets you change whether you want an individual form to be added to the send queue . Create (+) > Invoice/Estimate/Sales Receipt/Credit Memo. Preview and customize statements. When you click Create statement in the Action column on the Customers list, you can now preview statements, as well a

How to Fix an Unbalanced Balance Sheet

To fix the unbalanced Balance Sheet, you need to do a few things: 1.        Print your Balance Sheet, Process Step I, and then review the Balance Sheet to see if problems are corrected. 2.        If not, do all of the following steps. 3.        Be very sure to make a couple of BACKUPS before you get started. Step I In Single User Mode with NO ONE ELSE LOGGED IN , make a backup Then, note where the data is stored...the path to the server Then, go to Write Checks and open a form In the Payee Window, CLICK ONCE , then press Ctrl L to bring up a screen with names In the bottom left of this screen is the word NAME with a drop-down arrow Select the drop-down arrow and then select RESORT LIST This will re-sort all lists in your QB file. This is one of the major contributing factors to your issue Step II Go to File>>>Utilities>>>Rebuild Data Follow instructions to complete this task If you have no issues or errors, move