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QuickBooks Professional Bookeeper

A new version of QuickBooks designed for bookkeeping professionals with multiple clients was released from Intuit in June. This new version of QuickBooks is great for bookkeepers currently using QuickBooks Pro who find it inefficient to manage multiple clients and manage multiple files with the need to switch back and forth between files. QuickBooks Professional Bookkeeper has all the functionality of QuickBooks Pro with a few features from QuickBooks Accounting. QuickBooks Professional Bookkeeper doesn't have all the features in QuickBooks Accountant. So if you are already using QuickBooks Accountant, you will want to say in that version. QuickBooks Professional Bookkeeper has QuickBooks Premier Level features so an accountant can see all monthly reconciliations and run a report on them individually. Users cannot do this in QuickBooks Pro. Also like QuickBooks Accountant, QuickBooks Professional Bookkeeper comes with file manager, so users can easily know which client file is

Important info for our Sparks clients

The City of Sparks is announcing a new program to ensure local businesses are in compliance with licensing fees at a press conference to be held Monday, October 1 at 11 a.m. in the Council Chambers at Sparks City Hall. The new program will help to recover lost revenue from businesses with delinquent licenses. The city has approximately 6,600 business licenses. Click on the link to read the full article:

QuickBooks 2013

QuickBooks 2013 is here! Today QuickBooks 2013 was released! The QBGal is bringing you some key info to some of the big changes you will see with the new version.  With this new version of QuickBooks 2013, small businesses can complete their financial and accounting responsibilities as quickly as possible, letting them spend their time on other priorities. An improved design helps small businesses complete financial tasks faster than ever.  Users will find: ·          A unified look:   Visual icons help users find the controls they need faster than before and quickly determine what actions to take from screen to screen. ·          Familiar interactions:   A design that’s similar to popular Web applications means there is virtually no learning curve so users can get right to work. ·          Clear steps:   Design elements remove the guesswork from workflows, speeding task completion. For example, specific colors signal specific actions across the product. In addition, a

Salesforce for QuickBooks!

Salesforce for QuickBooks allows users to enter data just once and have it automatically sync between QuickBooks and Salesforce. By Connecting Sales data with your accounting data, you can make better business decisions, see sales patterns, know which products are getting the most service calls and warranties claims, and better forecast the product mix when making purchasing decisions. Power up your sales PinPoint your Marketing Deliver outstanding service Make smarter business decisions more quickly Are you a Salesforce user and a QuickBooks user? No problem! For small businesses that already have both products, all that is needed is the Salesforce Integration for QuickBooks application. It is compatible with the above versions of QuickBooks as well as Group and Professional Editions of Salesforce.Salesforce is available in a group edition and a professional edition These are compatible with QuickBooks Pro and Premier 2011 and 2012. The products also work with QuickBook

Payroll Update: Revised Tax Tables

Intuit has released  Payroll Update 21216 , with revised tax tables. Several forms updates are also included for Standard and Enhanced Payroll customers. This email also contains important information about a  Medicare tax rate change for 2013. It's important that you receive everything in the Payroll Update so that you will be in compliance with legislation that affects your payroll. How do I know I have the Payroll Update? To make sure that you have received the latest update, open QuickBooks and choose Employees > Get Payroll Updates. You should see a message that says,"You are using tax table version: 21216."If you do not have version 21216, click Update.   QuickBooks also provides an automatic updates feature for Payroll Updates. To turn it on, choose Help > Update QuickBooks. On the Options tab, select Yes for Automatic Update. Disk delivery customers: The next disk delivery is scheduled for early October 2012.

Dear GoPayment Customer....

Are you a GoPayment Customer? Then read carefully! Apple made available iOS6 which is the latest version of the operating system for iPhones and iPads.  You should hold off on upgrading your iPhone or iPad to iOS6 to ensure that you are able to continue to use GoPayment with your apple devices. They are working quickly to ensure that GoPayment works as well with the new operating system as it did with earlier versions.  If you are a GoPayment customer, they should be notifying you as soon as they release a version of GoPayment that will work optimally with iOS6. For the latest updates on iOS6 compatibility, visit ( ) or email Intuit by visiting ( ) if you experience any issues related to the new iOS6 launch.

The Slice App!

Here at QBGa l we are loving this new app! What is it?? Slice is the best way to track and organize your online shopping. With our iPhone app, you can easily get all your purchase info on the go. Slice works with many of the top email providers -- including Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, AOL and iCloud -- to find receipts in your inbox and automatically organize your purchases so you can save time, and maybe some money too. Be alerted when a package ships or arrives Whether you're sending a gift to someone else or yourself, you can set up push notifications to get alerted when your order has been shipped or delivered. See what's inside each shipment You'll always know what's on its way to you and when to expect it. You can even see what's inside each shipment, in case things get shipped separately. Track packages automatically Keep an eye out for packages that are on their way to you! Always have an idea of where they are and when they will b

Compare your QuickBooks Options!

If you have any questions regarding these featured QuickBooks options, feel free to give us a call here at 348-9225! Got a QuickBooks Mess? Call the QuickBooks Gal!

Computer Use Policy

Do your employees stab at their keyboards when you approach? Are their giggles unlikely to be caused by open invoice report or check register on the screen? Are they spending more time reading from their screen than producing when at the computer? Maybe it’s time for a formal Computer Usage Policy. Consider a policy that expressly states all or a variation of the following check list. I print two copies, require that employees sign both copies (one for them and one for me) and I add a disclaimer above their signature that violation of one or a combination of the above policies will be considered grounds for termination. Company Computer Use Policy 1 – Our company uses a web-based email (if applicable). Do not use any other email or install email portals on your workstation. 2 – Our company uses only Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, etc. Do not use or install any other web browser on your work station. 3 – Do not open an email attachment before scanning it with viru