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Intuit QuickBooks Payroll

  Payr oll Update: Revised Tax Tables   Intuit has released  Payroll Update 21316 , with revised tax tables. Several forms updates are included for Standard and Enhanced Payroll customers. This email also contains timely information about the  Affordable Care Act . It's important that you receive everything in the Payroll Update  so that you will be in compliance with legislation that affects your payroll. For details on the contents of this update, open QuickBooks, go to  Employees > Get Payroll Updates , and click on the Payroll Update Info  button. How do I know I have the Payroll Update? To make sure that you have received the latest update, open QuickBooks and choose Employees > Get Payroll Updates . You should see a message that says,  "You are using tax table version: 21316." If you do not have version 21316, click  Update .  Get more detailed download instructions here . QuickBooks al

Things Every Business Should Know About Payments--A Series

2) Processing Credit Cards In QuickBooks Gives Even MORE Benefits Save time, Save Sanity: Almost 7 bookkeeping hours per month can be saved with automatic integration and reconciliation.  That's about 82 hours a year! Giving you more free time. Reduce Errors: Automatic integration and reconciliation of payments in QuickBooks reduces errors because there's no need for manual double entry of transactions Overall Better Experience: 71.5% of QuickBooks users that switched from another provider say that they are more satisfied than they were with their previous processing method (2012 Payments User Survey) What Exactly Is Integration? Got a QuickBooks® Mess?  Call the QuickBooksGal! (775) 348-9225

QuickBooks Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

Mac Computers are becoming more popular as the years go on, and many people don't know the easy shortcuts they can use to enhance their QuickBooks experience.  Here's a table of keyboard shortcuts that may make navigating around QuickBooks with your Mac a little smoother. General Shortcut QuickBooks > Preferences Command-, (comma) QuickBooks > Hide QuickBooks Command-H QuickBooks > Hide Others Option-Command-H QuickBooks > Quit QuickBooks Command-Q File > New Company Option-Command-N File > Open Company Command-O File > Close Company Option-Command-W File > Close window Command-W File > Print Command-P Window > Minimize Command-M Help > QuickBooks Help Command-? Display contextual menu Control-click Display product and company file information Command-1 Editing Shortcut Edit > Undo Command-Z Edit > Cut Command-X Edit > Copy Command-C Edit > Paste Command-V Edit > Insert Line Command-Y Edit > Delete Line C

Things Every Business Should Know About Payments—A Series

1) Benefits From Accepting Credit Cards Make More Money: Consumers spend twice as much when using a credit card rather than cash.  When using cash, a customer only has a limited amount that they can spend.  With a credit card, money seems endless (even though it’s not), and buyers are more likely to “splurge” since the payment doesn’t seem immediate. Increased Revenue! : It’s rare that someone carries around more than $20 cash now-a-days, and pennies, nickels, and dimes are almost extinct.  When the total comes out to be $21.44, and the buyer only has a $20 bill, it is more likely that they will just resort to using their credit/debit card rather than scavenging through their purse to find spare change to pay the difference. Keep Track Of Who’s Buying: When a customer uses a credit card, they end up leaving you with some way to identify them—usually a name—which can be beneficial to your business.  Keeping customer information on file can be a way to expand your f

What To Do When Your Balance Sheet Doesn't Balance

On occasion, clients have called to ask what to do when their Balance Sheet is out of Balance.  No worries, there's a quick and easy fix for this!  I found a great article that may be found useful...just click the link below, follow the steps, and your Balance Sheet will be good as new! How to fix my out of balance Balance Sheet Got a QuickBooks® Mess?  Call the QuickBooksGal! (775) 348-9225

Import Accountant's Copy

If you have been provided an accountant's copy of recent changes made to your QuickBooks, you can use the following steps to easily import the file: 1) Begin by uploading the Accountant's changes file (.qby) to a folder of your choice on Right Networks. **For additional information on how to upload, please review our Frequently Asked Questions page** 2) After the file has been moved to Right Networks, launch QuickBooks and open the corresponding company file. 3) Click the File menu, highlight Accountant's Copy and then select Import Accountant's Changes from file. 4) Navigate to the folder you copied the Accountant's changes file (.qby) to. 5) Select the recently uploaded file (.qby) and click Open. Got a QuickBooks® Mess?  Call the QuickBooksGal! (775) 348-9225

Outsourced Bookkeeping Support

Important Questions to Ask Potential Service Providers Basic Questions: • What software(s) do you use? • Do you charge for your initial consultation? • Do you offer a Flat Fee for Service Rates?  Hourly Rates?  Project Rates? • Do you charge a set-up fee?  If so, what does it cover and how much is that? • Do you use services such as Drop Box, Cross Loop, or Google Drive for File Transfers? • Do you have an office or do you work from home?  What is your office address? • Do you have staff or will we only be working with you? • Can you log in to work remotely?,, Go to My Pc, for example. • Will you work in our office or yours? • Can you pick up and deliver? • What are your hours? • Do you work weekends? • Do you have a couple of CPA’s that you work with?  Can you suggest one for us if needed? • How long have you been in business? • Do you have any recommendations if this is not a service you can provide? Do You Do Payroll?