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Changes to Quickbooks Online: April 2019

Coming April, subscibers of Quickbooks Online will be experiencing some changes.  Here's what to expect: According to an email sent out by Quickbooks last week: " Beginning  April 10  and over the coming year, usage limits will go into effect for all QuickBooks Online Simple Start, Essentials, Plus, and Advanced customer". Quickbooks want to make sure they are giving their customers the ultimate experience for their buck. Therefore, they are implementing a variety of plans with usage limits to best fit your business. With this, Intuit has developed a Quickbooks Online Advanced edition for the most avid Quickbooks users who need the most capacity and functionality.  This being said, Quickbooks wants to make sure you are informed about adding additional users before the deadline, " You can stay in your current plan and keep all your data. But you won't be able to manually add an account, user, class or location if it will put you over the lim

Quickbooks Desktop: Payroll Update

Quickbooks Desktop: Payroll Compliance Update As of the beginning of 2019, Intuit has released a new payroll update (21901), including revised tax tables. This effects both standard and enhanced customers.  According to, here's how to check you have the latest update in your system: To confirm that you have received the update, open QuickBooks and choose  Employees; Get Payroll Updates . If you don't see a message that says,  "You are using tax table version: 21901," click  Update .  Get complete instructions. To turn on the  automatic updates  feature in QuickBooks so that you automatically receive payroll updates when they are released, choose  Help > Update QuickBooks . On the  Options  tab, select  Yes  for Automatic Update and check the  Mark All  box to ensure that you receive all updates. If you receive disk deliveries:  The next disk delivery is scheduled for early January. However, you can update online with Internet con