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What's New in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions?

You may be wondering what is new in Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions 12.0/ 13.0/14.0. Well the QuickBooks Gal is here to help explain. Introduced in 12.0 Introduced in 13.0 Introduced in 14.0 Enhanced Inventory Receiving Auto Pos Job Costing Faster Form Completion Default Classes Assemblies Automatic Price Adjustments Higher List Limits Maximum Stock Levels for Auto Pos More Price Levels Bin Location Tracking Create Thousands of Price Rules Complete more activities in multi-user mode Barcode Scanning Manage price rules with great fexibility FIFO Inventory Costing Serial Number or Lot Tracking Here is a closer look at the new features added for 2014. Job Costing Get a better handle on the current financial state of your jobs and projects: Be able to track reps by job, not just by customer Be able to filter reports by job status Be able to ru


CARSON CITY- The unemployment tax assessed 36,310 businesses in Nevada  could be lowered in 2014 if the state pays off its federal loan earlier.  The state Employment Security Council this month recommended the average tax rate be reduced from 2.25 percent to 2.1 percent if bonds are issued. Council member Paul Barton said, “ We need to keep the tax rate as low as possible to give employers the best chance of creating jobs. Employers are struggling and they need help.”  Renee Olson, administrator of the state Employment Security Division appeared before the state Board of Finance to request permission to issue bonds of $580 million to $600 million to repay the federal government for money it loaned during the recession to pay jobless rates and build up the reserve.  The state is paying an interest rate on the federal loan at 2.5 percent. The bonds might be sold at a rate of 0.5 to 1 percent. In addition to retiring the debt, it would also eliminate a yearly $63 federal tax impo