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QuickBooks Bank Account Has Never Been Reconciled! Bulk Reconcile is the Answer

Help!  How Can I Reconcile Years of Transactions Without Doing a Month-To-Month Reconciliation Since the Beginning of the Company File? I frequently get this question.  This morning a follower sent an email saying that the bank accounts in her QuickBooks file had not been reconciled since the file was created in 2002.  She wanted to know if there is a way to do a bulk reconciliation or if she would have to start from the beginning and reconcile years of transactions since the beginning. The answer is DO ONE LARGE BULK RECONCILE. I prefer to do a BULK Reconciliation to the last or next to the last month of the year before my current year.  In this example, 2009 is still technically an open year because we have not prepared our Income Taxes and it is wise to reconcile the January bank statement before closing the year....just to be sure you have not failed to record any December activity that may have cleared in January.   Here's how I answered her email using her example of