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QBO: How To Accept Invoice Over Payments

Invoice Over payments? Here's How to Process Them If you are a constant user of Quickbook payments, here are some tips on how to accept invoice over payments you may have sent your clients. This action lets your customers pay an amount great than an invoice total, a hassle free way for them to make payments on outstanding balances or give you a nice tip! Here's How: 1.  Send an invoice to your customer. Create > Invoice >Save and send > Send and close. 2.  Your customer receives the invoice in an email and clicks the View invoice button. 3. Customer clicks "Pay now" 4. Customer reviews and edits payment, clicks next 5. Customer sends payment 6. You will get a notification! Click to process. Apply it: You can apply the over payment credit in a few ways: Apply the credit to an existing invoice for your customer. Apply the credit to a new invoice you want to send to your customer. A