How to Add or Edit an Employee in QuickBooks for Mac

To add or edit an employee:

1 Choose Lists > Employees.

2 Add a new employee or open an existing employee.

Add New Employee
·         Click the + menu at the bottom of
the list.
·          Or control-click anywhere in the list
and choose New Employee from
the shortcut menu.

Edit Existing Employee
·          Double-click the employee name.
·          Or select the name of the employee and
click the Edit button at the bottom of
the list.
·          Or in the Employee list, control-click the
name of the employee you want to edit
and choose Edit Employee from the
shortcut menu.

3 Complete the Address Info tab. Take special note of the following fields:
·         Initials. QuickBooks fills in the employee's initials as you fill in the employee's
name. Normally, you do not have to enter anything into this field. If your employees
earn commissions for items they sell, you can select an employee's initials from the
Rep pop-up menu when entering a sale or estimate to give the employee credit.
You can then produce reports showing all sales for each employee.
·         Address. Complete the employee's address (QuickBooks has partially filled in the
Address field on the basis of what you've entered so far). Click Address Details to
make sure each individual address field is filled in correctly, especially if you are
using Contact Sync. The address information you enter can be exported for mail
merge. If you use mail merge, be sure to include in the last line of the address the
two letter state abbreviation and the zip code. This ensures that the address will
print correctly in mail merge documents.
·         Social Security Number. QuickBooks observes federal standards for social security
numbers. If the number you enter causes QuickBooks to display an error message,
call your local Social Security Administration office to check the validity of the

4 (Optional) Click the Additional Info tab. Fill in any custom fields that apply to this

5 To mark an employee as inactive, select the Inactive checkbox. You can then hide
inactive employees by clearing the Include inactive checkbox in the Employees list.

Note: If you plan to use QuickBooks Payroll for Mac, be sure the employee name is spelled exactly
the same (first name, middle initial, and last name) in both places. Employee names in paycheck data imported from QuickBooks Payroll for Mac must match your QuickBooks employee list.

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