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When to Post on Social Media: Best and Worst Times

Does your small business have a social media presence? To expand your presence on social media, it's crucial to be online when your customers are. In order to get the most active viewers per post, schedule when you are sharing the posts you want everyone to see. Audiences differ from site to site, so make sure you know who you are appealing to and when to do it. Here are the most popular times of day people use the top four social media platforms: For more informative facts like these, visit and check out our personal page: @QbGal Got a Quickbooks mess? Call the Quickbooks Gal!

Expensive Easter? How NOT to Break the Bank This Holiday

There's no doubt that holidays such as Christmas can put a hole in our wallets, but Easter? According to the National Retail Federation , American's who have decided to celebrate Easter this year are spending on average $152. This sets and new record and is up 4% from last year. Not in the mood to drop almost 200 dollars this weekend? Here's some things you may want to avoid to not break the bank, or your holiday spirits this Spring. #1 Food Over 87% of Americans celebrating Easter spend a majority of their budget on food. Much of this goes to the classic Easter dinner. Combined $5.8 billion nationally will be spend on food for the home for Easter 2017 . In  order to save some money on feeding your loved ones, it may be cheaper to hold a brunch instead. On average, breakfast/lunch foods do not hurt your wallet as much as a full blown dinner would. Make sure when shopping for ingredients, that you make a list and keep to it. Don't let your kids influence

2017 Nevada Bond Rates

2017 NEVADA BOND RATES What is the Nevada Bond and why do I have to pay? Nevada received federal loans to pay unemployment insurance benefits. To repay the loans, Nevada issued out bonds. To repay the bonds, all contributory employers, in addition to paying UI taxes, must also pay quarterly bond contributions. (NRS 612.6102-612.6134)  Bonds Issued to Repay Federal Loans. The State of Nevada has issued special revenue bonds, as provided for in recent legislation SB515, for the purpose of repaying federal loans needed to pay unemployment benefits. An advantage to using bonds to pay for these loans is that Nevada will no longer be a federal unemployment (FUTA) credit reduction state for the 2013 tax year, restoring the full federal credit offset of 5.4%.  Additionally, with the loans being repaid, no future interest associated with them will be accruing.  Contributory employers subject to Nevada unemployment insurance (UI) taxes will be required to pay a quarterly bond