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October QuickBooks Online Updates

QuickBooks Online has updated! Here are the new features! Inventory Tracking: "Item" Drawer: Clicking NEW now displays a drawer where it allows you to create a new product or service Gear > Lists > Products and Services > New. Three Item types: QBO only allowed you to have two item types, now there are three! Inventory Item: Any item you buy or sell and need to track the quantity you have on hand  Non-Inventory: Any item you buy but don't need to track the quantity Service: Any service you provide to customers, such as training or installation  Bank Feeds: Mark a bank transaction as a billable expense and assign it to a customer:  Left nav > Transactions > Banking Find the transaction, click billable then chose the customer to bill it to. Add an attachment to a bank transaction: Ever wanted to attach the receipt or a photo to a bank transaction? Now you can! Left nav > Transactions > Banking Find tran

The QuickBooks Gal Loves XERO

Xero is an accounting software for small businesses. It is great for invoicing, bank reconciliation, reporting, and contacts. Benefits of switching to Xero: Log in anytime, anywhere on your Mac, PC, tablet or phone to get a real-time view of your cashflow.  Get paid faster with online invoicing!  The invoice will send to your client and they will be able to pay you, straight from the email! You will even have a notification when they open the email! So no more "I never got that email" Run your business on the go with the mobile app! Use the mobile app to reconcile, send invoices, and create expenses Xero imports and categorizes your latest bank transactions so all you have to do is click OK to reconcile.  That easy! Call The QuickBooks Gal today to get started on XERO!

QuickBooks Online Keyboard Shortcuts

Because we like making your life a little bit easier we have created a keyboard shortcut for QuickBooks Online :) For the full list visit: Entering Dates: Next day + (plus key) Previous day - (minus key) Today T First day of the Week W Last day of the week K First day of the Month M Last day of the month H First day of the Year Y Last day of the year R Choose items in drop down list: Press Tab until you reach the field. Press Alt + down arrow to open the list. Press up arrow or down arrow to move through the items in the list. Press Tab to select the item you want and move to the next field. If you don’t want to open the whole list, but just want to scroll through the items in the text box, press Ctrl + down arrow or Ctrl + up arrow.   Save Forms: press Alt + S instead of clicking Save.   In Firefox and Chrome use Alt + Shift + S.  Mac u

It's Flu and Cold Season!

Flu Season is upon us! That means it is time to prepare ourselves to not get sick! Way to prevent it: Wash hands regularly Drink plenty of liquids, water, soup, ect Get a Flu Shot! Most places with a pharmacy give flu shots for a cheap price, some may even do free days!  When that doesn't work: Time to start getting better! Drink plenty of tea: With honey and lemon! Drink plenty of water!  Disinfect everything! Door handles, sinks, vacuum, wash your sheets a few times till you are done being sick! Wash away all the germs so you don't get sick again or make others in your household sick! Soup! It's an old grandma trick but it works! Chicken noodle soup is the best, make sure you drink the broth!  Get plenty of rest, you may not be able to take a day off work or school but it is important to get plenty of sleep! Go to sleep early if you can't take a day off and maybe skip the make-up routine so you can sleep in a little bit later Tak