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WHEN THINGS FALL APART  (the account isn’t balancing and you’ve double checked your work)     Double check that every transaction amount in QuickBooks is the same as the statement. If not, add missing transactions or change amounts that are wrong. (Only change amounts if you are POSITIVE that the reason the amount is wrong is because of human error, not bank download)  Check that the ending balance was entered correctly.    Check your beginning balance. Does it match the statement? If not, click the “Locate Discrepancies” button in the bottom left hand corner of the reconcile window:       A window will pop up where you select the account you want examined. Click “Discrepancy Report” If there are any payments in the report, re-enter them with the exact same information as was on the Report.  Got a QuickBooks® Mess?  Call the QuickBooks Gal! (775) 348-9225

QuickBooks Tutorial: How to Enter Bills in QuickBooks 2013

Here are step by step directions on how to enter a bill in QuickBooks 2013. 1. Under the Vendor tab (at the top of the screen) select Enter Bills OR Use the Enter Bills icon on the home page. 2. Select/Add the vendor you wish to pay from the drop down menu.  3. Enter the bill information such as the current date, the reference number, the amount due, and when the bill must be paid by.  4. You can also add the terms, discount date, and a memo if you would like to include the bill details.  5. Code the bill by selecting the approproate account. You can also assign a customer and/or class to the bill.  6. Click Save and Close. Done! Here is a video showing what to look for in QuickBooks.  Got a QuickBooks® Mess?  Call the QuickBooksGal! (775) 348-9225

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How to Pay your Credit Card Bill in QuickBooks

Pay your credit card in full each month - paper check or online #1 -   If you pay your monthly bill in full, just  Write a Check  to the credit card company. You will then "expense" the charges in the accounting section of the check. Don't forget that yo u have two tabs in the section where you enter your is for expenses, and one is for items (affect inventory & Cost o f  Goods Sold). You can switch back and forth between the two tabs in order to record all expenses and items purchased with the credit card. The total of the two tabs should equal the total of the Credit Card Amount you wish to pay. If you pay your card online, you can enter "online" or the authorization number as the check number. #2  -   Select  Enter Bills  to create a bill. Use the same method to "expense" the charges as you did in Method #1. Then you can schedule the bill for payment  at a later date. Record all Credit Card Charges - Make Partial Payment

QuickBooks Online: The Better Solution for You

Need to do your accounting, but want a vacation? We have the solution! QuickBooks Online is an accessible, safe, and easy way to simplify your accounting. With no software to download, using QuickBooks online is as easy as using any other website. Plus, you can use it from any device anywhere you want! Here are the top 5 reasons QuickBooks Online will work for you: 1. QuickBooks Online is accessible anywhere with an internet connection. If a vacation is needed but you must keep up with your books, do your accounting on the beach! 2. Using QuickBooks Online means you are working live. Once you work in your file, there is no need to save the data or back it up. It is automatically updated. This is especially convenient if you have multiple users in your file. No need to transfer backups, or bother with restoring your files. 3. Updates happen often and automatically. With QuickBooks online you do not have to worry if all users are updating the company file, as it is