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When should you hire a Bookkeeper?

Why do you need a bookkeeper anyways? If you've started a new business and are unsure of any of the following , it might be important to get a Bookkeeper: Chart of Accounts Bank Reconciliation Invoices Customer Payments Deposits Accounts Payable/Receivable The problem that most new businesses face is assuming that they can figure out how to run and manage all of their files. Usually? The system gets the better of you and you find yourself seeking help anyway. It might be better to just hire one off the get go and learn the system. What's the advantage of a Bookkeeper? Credibility Accountant Go Between Maintaining of your Receipts Bank Statement - Bookkeepers Reconcile your Accounts Time Saving - You now have more time for your business! If for nothing other than Reconciling your monthly Bank Statements, Bookkeepers are worth the time. Especially when a n accountant is more likely to hand your end of the year mess to a Bookkeeper than to try to take the time to sor