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QuickBooks Online Key Board Short Cuts!

Below are the most commonly used key board short cuts for QuickBooks Online! To search for a text in the window: CTRL + F works in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.  Internet Explorer will bring up a pop-up window to do the search. Firefox opens a Find toolbar on the bottom of your screen, while Chrome opens a search field at the top right of the screen. To enter dates: Next day + (plus key) Previous day - (minus key) Today T First day of the Week W Last day of the week K First day of the Month M Last day of the month H First day of the Year Y Last day of the year R Press Alt+down arrow to open the pop-up calendar icon to the right of a date field. To move around fields on most forms: Use the Tab key to go forward. Use Shift+Tab to go back. Space Bar to check a check box field. To choose items in drop-down lists: Press Tab until you reach the field. Press Alt + down arrow to open the list. Press up arrow or down arrow to move through the items in the li

Send Your Customer's an Invoice With QuickBooks for Mac

Sometimes customers just don't pay you on time. Which can be very frustrating. That's where QuickBooks comes in! With QuickBooks for Mac you are able to send an invoice to your customer!  If you have an open estimate for a customer, QuickBooks lets you know this when you select  the customer name on the invoice. You can then select which estimate you want to use to create an invoice. Creating or editing an invoice: 1. Choose Customers; Create Invoice. 2. To create a new invoice, click the "Create an Invoice" on the left panel or click the + at the bottom of the      list. To edit an invoice, select an invoice in the list on the left panel. 3. Enter the information for the invoice, and click Save. Note: You can also create invoices using the Customer Center and Transaction Center. Got Mac? Then you need QuickBooks for Mac!  Why? Get 1-click access to what you use most: The new Left Hand Toolbar lets you create shortcuts so you can move around

What's New in Quickbooks!

Below are the new updates for QuickBooks Online! Update your QuickBooks today, it only takes a minute! Sales form editing improvements :   Remove all linked items in one click . If you have billable items linked to an invoice, you can click Linked transactions in the upper left corner and then Remove all. Filter billable items by type  for easier sorting and adding to invoices. Better control over sales form layout : Group and subtotal activity by type  (expenses, time, charges, credits). Click Customize at the bottom of a sales form, and then click the More tab. Adjust top and bottom page margins . Click Customize at the bottom of a sales form, and then click the More tab. Adjust line height . Click Customize at the bottom of a sales form, and then click the Style tab. Crop and resize your logo . Click Customize at the bottom of a sales form, click the Style tab, and then click ▼ on the logo. Show quantity without rate . Click Customize at the bottom of a sales fo

Are You New To QuickBooks?

Here are a few tips for a smooth start to QuickBooks! Always back up: There is no such thing as too many back ups, always back up after each session.  You can back  up to a network drive, external drive, CD, or to the Intuit Data Protect service. Before you do  anything in QuickBooks that you’re are unfamiliar with, make a backup, and then move forward. Memorized Report List : Whenever you change the settings for a report, you can record those changes by saving the  report in the Memorized Report list. Then when you want to create a similar report, you can just  go to the Memorized Report list to reuse those settings. Add your favorites to the icon bar! Save time by customizing your icon bar by adding the features and reports that you open daily  or weekly. You  can add most windows to the icon bar by going to View menu and choosing  Add [Window  name] to Icon Bar.  Take shortcuts: Here are a few shortcuts that will help you save tim

QuickBooks App Update!

With QuickBooks apps you can work on your business on the go!  On the beach, a soccer game, or even getting a pedicure with the QuickBooks App you can work anywhere on a smart phone or tablet! What's New: IPhone and IPad The iPhone and iPad apps now include a better invoice emailing experience for you and your customers: From your invoice email, customers can click ‘ View Invoice Now ’ to view invoice details and save it. ‘ Pay Now ’ lets customers immediately pay you from their phone, tablet, or computer (payments enabled through QuickBooks Payments). Sending emails now just got easier!: Now you can set a custom, default message when you send emails and customize the originating email address. iPad App News In the menu you’ll see a new tab called Products and Services. Here you’ll be able to look through all of the products and services you offer and add new ones to the list.  The QuickBooks app on Android is new too. You’ll notice that not on

Common Reconcile Questions

The most common question asked is: why the opening balance always seems to be incorrect. To understand what makes up the opening balance in a reconcile, open your register:  (Transactions > Registers > Go to Register) There should be a narrow column on the right hand side of the screen that has a check mark at the top of the column. This column will indicate the status of each transaction: Any transaction with the status of R in the check mark column affects the opening balance regardless of date, type, or amount. Any transaction with the status of   C or blank in the check mark column does not affect the opening balance.   If the last reconcile balanced correctly, but your opening balance is still incorrect, one of the following scenarios has taken place after the reconciliation:   Transaction(s) were edited in the register and the reconcile column was changed to show the wrong status as follows:  Unreconciled transactions were incorrectly marked

More Reasons To Fall In Love With..

QuickBooks Online! If you haven't already made the switch to QuickBooks Online these awesome new features will make you want to! Do Payroll the easy way! Simply turn it on whenever you need it! Tax calculations and forms are completed for you! Which means less work for you :) You can create custom invoices. You can include your company's logo, a background image, you can even chose your own font! QuickBooks Online only takes a few minutes to set up! Don't waste anymore time and call us today! Got a QuickBooks Mess? Call The QuickBooks Gal! Have any questions or concerns about QuickBooks Online! Call us!