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Small Business? DON'T Make These Tax Filing Mistakes

Top 5 Sales Tax Filing Mishaps Are you a small business owner dealing with taxes to do this season? Here are a list of things to avoid when filing.  1. Not paying attention to different rules for different states When you cross over borders, sometimes the rules may and probably will change. Each state has their own way of doing sales tax compliance's. These rules can vary in due dates, formats, penalties and more. Make sure if you are covering a variety of states that you have all your ducks in a row before you begin! 2. Not filing for anything because you didn't have any tax Just because you didn't collect any taxes throughout a certain period, doesn't mean you don't have to file. Most states make you do filing for periods that you didn't collect anything at all. If not completed, you may be penalized! Be on the look out and don't blow off filing just because you had no data for that period.  3. Recording wrong numbers When given a

Need a Raise? Here's How to go About it

HOW TO: Asking for a Raise You think you deserve more for your effort, but it may be nerve wracking asking for recognition. Here are five ways to go about approaching your boss about a raise according to 1. Avoid asking towards the beginning of the week Monday's aren't great for anyone. Monday's are proven to be the most stressful and dreaded day of each week. Asking your boss for a favor on that day is a sure-fire way to receive a negative response.   2. Capitalize in the mornings In the mornings, the work place is often the most formal and organized, therefore being a good time to talk to your boss. Studies show that people are the most ethical in the morning, and throughout the day their decision making becomes more inconsistent. Just make sure you have waited for your boss's morning cup of coffee to kick in 😉 3. Save the food for after wards This one may seem a little odd, but according to   studies performed at

Does Your Wallet Contain More Than you Think?

What's in Your Wallet? That $1 may be worth more than you think We all know gold, antique coins can be traded in for more than their initial worth, but did you know about dollar bills? You could trade in those one dollar bills, that you may already have in your possession, for hundreds or thousands of dollars! Recently, has come out with a list of rare, patterned serial numbers printed on dollar bills that collectors are on the look out for and are willing to pay you for.  These include:  At least seven like numbers in a row, or even in no particular order Numbers that repeat over and over (For example, 23232323) Double Quads, which is four like numbers followed by another batch of another four like numbers Radar Repeaters, which are like numbers grouped in twos (For example, 11001100) Trailing zeros, which are any combinations that end in 00 There are also other unique serial numbers, more than ninety d

Tax Season Scammers: Don't be a Victim!

TAX SEASON SCAMMERS:  Don't be a Victim With tax season, comes scams. When reading the February 2017 issue of the General Ledger (Vol. 34, No 2) I came across an article warning the consequences of falling into a common scheme and how to avoid it this Spring. These scams were aimed to trick accountants, bookkeepers, and tax professionals. It all starts with a phone call or an email. Over the phone, once the potential victim is reached, the person on the line will act as if they are with the IRS. They will ask you to verify certain details regarding your personal information, such as your Social Security number or credit card info. They may even read you data and ask if it is correct.You may also receive an email asking for the same information. In addition, you may receive a message over email telling you there are software updates that need to be performed on your computer. Once you hit download, a program automatically floods your computer stealing your informatio