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New Printer Won't Print in QuickBooks?

Have you recently purchased a new printer and found that it works in every program on your computer except QuickBooks? You're not alone.  The fix is easy...simply follow these steps: Go to the printer (under control panel) Right click on the printer Select properties Select the advanced tab Check print directly to printer option Voila you can print! Got a QuickBooks Mess?   Call The QuickBooks Gal! 775-348-9225 Got Point of Sale?  Want Point of Sale? Call Us 775-348-9200

IRS & States Team up to Find Independent Contractors

The IRS and the states know how tempting it is to classify workers as Independent Contractors because of saved employment taxes.  That’s why Delaware and Wisconsin are targeting the construction industry with penalties of $1,000-$5,000 per violation.  Other states such as Indiana and Nevada and Ohio are starting to share information on misclassified workers and similar violations.  Expect your state to be watching you for misclassifying employees as Independent Contractors. Determining a workers’s status depends on the facts that define both the entity and relationship of the entity to the worker at the time that the services are rendered.  Here are the two categories of workers that the IRS and states are focusing on:   Common Law Employee - Works for and performs services under the control of the entity that pays for the services. Independent Contractor - An individual in business for him-/herself whose services are free of control from the entity paying for the services

Changing Bank Accounts after You've Written Checks

“I opened a new checking account, but ran payroll checks through the old checking account in QuickBooks.   How do I fix them?”  This is so easy to do....and the answer is's how. Go to Reports->Banking->Check Detail In the upper left hand corner of the report, select MODIFY Select the date range and filter for the the bank account that you incorrectly posted the checks to Return to the report Double-click on each check in the report to bring it up on your screen Change the bank account in the upper portion of the check form to the desired bank account Press SAVE & CLOSE to complete the correction and return the to modified report When the report is empty, you will have moved all the checks to the correct account. Finally, double-check each bank account register to be sure that you have properly reassigned the transactions you wanted to correct. Got Questions?  Call Us! 775-348-9225 Call The QuickBooks Gal! 775-348-9200 Point of Sale

QuickBooks Scan and Deposit

Have you heard about the new feature from QuickBooks called Check Solutions? Save time and hassle: Skip the bank lines and start processing checks electronically.  Scan, Deposit, Done! Features Scan your checks with Intuit Check Solution for QuickBooks and eliminate almost all the time you spend depositing and accounting for check payments Intuit Check Solution for QuickBooks provides two ways to process electronic checks depending on how your business takes check payments Scan checks - if you receive paper check payments in the mail or in a drop off box, you can scan the paper check into QuickBooks. You can also take check payments over the phone with this option. Checks over the phone - take check payments over the phone and key the check information directly into QuickBooks. Save time depositing check payments Scan up to 30 checks per minute, or accept checks over the phone and manually enter check info(no scanner required) Skip the bank: send your check payment transa

What IRS Auditors Look for When Examining a Business

Recently, a client asked me about the IRS and what they might look for in an audit. * He keeps great records and is very careful not to "co-mingle" funds. * All cash received is deposited to the company business checking account. * And, in an effort to better control cash purchases, he has opened a separate bank account that he funds periodically from the business operating account. * He then carries the ATM debit card for that account and makes "cash" purchases with that card. * Additionally, all workers are either employees or licensed contractors. I found a great article from Wells Fargo that I think provides a great check list for some of the most common issues the IRS may consider when reviewing a business file in an audit. Here is an excerpt from that article: In the case of audit, be aware that the IRS training manual tells its auditors that they are examining you, not just your tax return. The auditor wants to see how you match up with the incom

Payroll - Getting Ready for End Of Year

It's time to start thinking about end of year procedures. One of those for me is verifying payroll to assure that there won't be any problems when it comes time to prepare W-2 forms. There is a great tool in QuickBooks called the Payroll Summary Report. You can find that in the Report drop down menu at the top of the main window in QuickBooks. From there, select Employees & Payroll and then select the Payroll summary. You can use this report to review totals by employee and for your company. Additionally, you can review payroll-related liabilities & expenses by employee and grand totals for the company by date range or for the year to date. I generally print this report every time I create a payroll and keep that report in my Payroll Book and I always keep a final year-end copy with my payroll records and employer copies of quarterly reports & W-2's. I hope this tip is useful. Please tune in again for another QuickBooks Gal Minute. Got a QuickBooks M