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Important Quicken News via CEO

Important Quicken News via CEO Mid July, Quicken CEO Eric Dunn released a letter to all Quicken users confirming Quicken will no longer be affiliated with Intuit.  In the letter, Dunn also disclosed many changes and upgrades to the Quicken company and it's systems.  Here's a recap of what to expect this coming year. Quicken ID is being used less frequently (asking you to log on) resulting in a more efficient use of time while operating the app Quicken is changing the method of bank downloads in order to make data transfer more accurate and reliable, using an improved version of the existing system of EWC (Express Web Connect). The start up time of opening Quicken has been reduced, and the software has become much more user friendly. Functionality has greatly increased. Quicken has made improvements to their customer care department, claiming it is very “large" and the employees are "well-trained”. With call centers based out of Tucson, B