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The QuickBooks Gal: Bookkeeping, Payroll and More!

The QuickBooks Gal is here to help you and your business! Big or small The QuickBooks Gal can help you! QuickBooks: Got a QuickBooks Mess? Call The QuickBooks Gal! The QuickBooks Gal helps with set-up, clean up and more! Bookkeeping: The QuickBooks Gal bookkeeping services are suitable for any industry: aimed towards businesses of small to medium sizes.  The QuickBooks Gal takes care of all your bookkeeping needs. Services include: Set up Clean up Ongoing Bookkeeping Process daily sales and deposit reports Verify daily deposits and report variances Reconcile and verify credit card deposits Reconcile monthly bank statements ​        And more! Payroll: The QuickBooksGal will take the hours and rates of your employees and manage them in an orderly fashion.​ What Does This Entail? Maintain Payroll Records E-Verify New Employees Process Payroll Direct Deposit Process Governments & Child Support Process Quarterly Tax Repo

QuickBooks Online 1099: Tips And Tricks

It's Tax Season!  Time to get the W2 out to the employees and the 1099's printed! The QuickBooks Gal is here to help make it a bit easier for you and your business! Here is how to get your 1099 ready! Getting started: Go to Vendors - Prepare 1099 - Get Started Review Company Details! Fill out all necessary items such as Company Name, Filing Address, Tax ID and the payees name, which is you! Look over all details, if you need to change anything on the form click the pencil icon on the far right to make changes Assign Vendor Payments: The next step is to pick all the categories that go to your vendors and tell QuickBooks which accounts were used to track those payments  Confirm 1099 The next step is to make sure all information is correct, including name and address File your 1099! With QuickBooks Online you have the option to send your 1099 via E-File service or print and mail the forms in your self! Pretty easy! Nee

What Questions To Ask When You Are Looking For A QuickBooks Proadvisor

So you need to hire a QuickBooks Proadvisor. This task can be tricky, you want someone you can trust and feel comfortable with. Here a few tips and questions to ask in order to find the perfect Proadvisor for you!  Read Reviews: Find a QuickBooks Proadvisor website allows you to enter in your zip code and a list of local Proadvisors will show up, you can easily click on their profile and read reviews customers have left them. Here you can determine how friendly that individual is and how helpful they really are.  Check Social Media: Before calling that Proadvisor check out their website and social media platforms. It is bit harder to delete a bad review off a Facebook, Twitter or Yelp page. Here you will be able to find bad reviews, if they have one, and see their latest posts and determine what kind of person you will be hiring and see if they are a good match for you. When you finally decide to call a Proadvisor make sure you know exactly what you are trying to do wi

QuickBooks Online: The Easiest Way To Manage Your Business

The QuickBooks Gal loves QuickBooks Online! There is so much to love about it! First QuickBooks Online can be downloaded as an app to any smart phone or tablet. That way you can be up to speed on all your business needs!  This includes Apple Watch! Are you an Apple person? Everything you own, including your watch, is Apple. QuickBooks Online can now work with your Apple Watch, get live updates regarding your business! Track Expenses: Take pictures of receipts and easily upload them to QuickBooks Online. No double entry mistakes and be ready for when it comes to tax time! Send Invoices: Easily send invoices via email from QuickBooks Online to your clients. You edit the invoice any way you like, that includes inserting your company logo  You will be able to see when they received it and even when they opened the email. Your customer will be able to pay you through the email via the "Pay Now" button Plus be able to see who has paid