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What's New: Mobile Time Tracking

New Improvements this Month! When using Quickbooks online, you now have the ability to track time more efficiently than ever. Not only does this option have a better look to it, but are now included on your computer and mobile phone. Not only does the mobile option make it easier on employees to report time, but employers to record it. Below, we have displayed both computer and mobile  views. With an update to this option, its goal is to encourage more interaction. Time-tracking employees can enter in time sheets weekly, or by activity. You can also observe summaries for a certain time period as well. Benefit Alert! Solely time-tracking users are non-billable, so small business owners can add as many time trackers and they need in order to run their business efficiently!  Have fun time tracking with this new and improved feature!  For more information, feel free to visit Quickbooks Website @