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QuickBooks Online: Home Page Tips

New to QuickBooks Online? Here are a few tips about the Home Page to help you get the best experience with QuickBooks Online QuickBooks Logo: No matter where you are in QuickBooks Online, press the QuickBooks Logo in the upper left corner and you will go right back to the home page.  Welcome Guide: If you are new to QuickBooks this will come in handy! This is located on the top of the Home Page. With Step-By-Step directions you can find out how to do anything in QuickBooks Online! Private Mode Switch: This is located next to your company name and logo on the Home Page. This is useful if you are in a public area (Starbucks, Company meetings) and want to keep certain information private. Bars in the Income Section: The Income Section on the Home Page is the most important tool. Be able to see who's been paid and who hasn't!  Activity Feed Filter: This is located on the right side of the Home Page. Be able to see recent invoices, estimates and payments!  

QuickBooks Online Mobile App Updates: Have Clients Sign Invoices

QuickBooks Online has apps and add-ons made to help you get the most out of your QuickBooks Experience. QuickBooks Online has a Mobile App so you are able to check your business information anytime, anywhere. On the beach, at the grocery store, even at the In-Laws house you can check how your business is doing from inventory to who has yet to pay you! Recently there has been an update for QuickBooks Mobile App. Here is what is new and noteworthy! IPhone: Own a IPhone 6 or 6Plus? QuickBooks Online Mobile App now works for the bigger screen size Customer Signatures on Invoices and estimates: Simply tap 'Get Signature' on the bottom of an invoice or estimate and have your customer sign using their finger! IPad: The Profit & Loss has been updated: Be able to choose from 4 different reports and set a date range Balance Sheet Report: Be able to see current asset, liability, and equity account balances  IPad and IPhone: Use Touc

QuickBooks Online: Updates Coming Soon

QuickBooks Online has some new updates coming your way!! Here are just a few Hide Information Be able to hide sensitive information and access whenever you need it! Be able to see recent transactions Click the clock icon in the upper left of a transaction form to view a list of recent transactions Timesheet Entry Now more convenient by getting rid of the horizontal scrolling Now be able to see subtotals by days Receive payments by Invoice Number Send statements from customer detail.  Now be able to send a statement from the customer detail page, not just from the group customer screen Up/Down Arrow Keys Be able to use the arrow keys for better navigation around QuickBooks Online. Customer Details Be able to read Customer notes/Details by clicking anywhere on their row For more information about updates visit: QuickBooks Online is here to make your life easier!  Fast and

QuickBooks Apps: Helping You Make Running A Business Easier!

Did you know that QuickBooks has Apps and Add-Ons to help you get the most out of your QuickBooks?  Here are a few of my favorite apps and why you need them for your business! T-Sheets: T-Sheets works with your QuickBooks and helps track employee time for payroll, invoicing and job costing! With T-Sheets you can have your employees clock in using items they are already familiar with!: Computer, phones (mobile and land phone), text message and even Twitter! With the T-Sheets mobile app you are able to track your employees via GPS. Be able to see their routes, how long they stay at one place, and more Transaction Pro Importer: Do you tend to create a lot lists?  With Transaction Pro Importer you are able to import any list or transactions from any text or Excel file. No matter what type of data it is Transaction Pro will be able to import it into your QuickBooks Online instantly! Method CRM: With Method CRM you are able to keep track of custom

QuickBooks Online: How to Pre-Fill Forms

QuickBooks Online is here to make running your business faster and easier. Which is why there is a Pre-Fill option for QuickBooks Online To turn on this feature: Gear > Company Settings > Advanced > Pre-fill forms with previously entered content If you create a check to a certain vendor, such as QB Doc, you enter the account and the description and press Save and New. Then you create another check for QB Doc again, the same information will appear and all you have to change is the amount on the check! If Pre-Fill option was turned off you would have to re insert all the information again. Pre- Fill works for bills, checks, delayed charges, delayed credits, expenses, purchase orders, vendor credits, and credit card credits. Got a QuickBooks Mess? Call the QuickBooks Gal!

QuickBooks Online Update: What's New and Improved

QuickBooks Online just recently released a new update! The QuickBooks Gal is here to tell you what's new and what's been fixed. Pay bills more efficiently : Go to Create (+) > Pay Bills This allows it to be easier to manage and record payments at the same time! No matter how many bills or vendors! Be able to filter bills for a custom date range Re-sort bills without leaving and re-entering the Pay Bills page Now easier to apply credits to multiple bills from the same vendor! Save a bill and pay it from the same page: Create (+) > Bill You are now able to save a bill and then make the payment..all on the same page!  Permanently delete excluded bank transactions:  Transactions > Banking > Excluded > Batch actions >  Delete.  Easy! Customer Notes: QuickBooks Online brought Customer Notes back! Now be able to leave a quick message or reminder about a customer Reminder: QuickBooks Online rolls out new updates in wa