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Quickbook Updates

Your Quickbook Reports are Updating! In the weeks to come, you will be seeing some updates and improvements to your reports: • More options for professional-looking reports that can easily be shared and printed. • Customizing reports will be  easier than ever, especially with more new options. • 10 new ready-to-use reports, with more to come. Don't worry, you can still use any custom reports you've previously made . First off,   to access these improvements....   Click Reports in the left navbar, followed by the name of a report (like Profit & Loss). If you don't see that, click Gear; QuickBooks Labs and to turn on the Redesigned Reports. Now,  you can explore the new features such as Change the common options at the top of the page, as well as c hange other report options Add notes Expand/collapse sub-items Edit header to  show a logo &   change the report title and subtitle Print, email or save report as PDF & many more! Please note: No

Countdown To 2017 Filing Deadlines

Are you prepared for the new 2017 filing deadline for W-2/W-3 and 1099/1096? 1099/1096 and W-2/W-3 forms are now Due by January 31 st . Both paper and electronic 2016 tax year forms are due by January 31, 2017. Where you file is still the same, 1099 goes to the IRS and W-2 and W-3 goes to SSA. The Social Security Administration and IRS expect to streamline and quality control the process of matching forms to prior tax returns sooner, thereby more effectively reducing identity theft or false refund claims. Are you ready?  Hint:   October is a great time to start collecting Subcontractor W-9’s and updating Employee W-4 information updates so you will be ready on January 1 st to take charge and comply with the  new 2017 filing requirements. For more information on the new deadline or need help to meet the new deadline contact The QuickBooks Gal! The QuickBooks Gal now has online booking! Visit our website at to schedule your next appointme