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Why Remote Support Works for You!

The QuickBooks Gal offers remote support for your QuickBooks needs. But why should you take advantage of this opportunity?  1. Faster and More Efficient Assistance- With remote support our Advanced  Certified QuickBooks Proadvisors can assist you right when you need it. No need to travel between offices, transport your files to various locations, and no wait for computers to load. Support is only a phone call away.  2. You Can See Exactly what your ProAdvisor is doing- Using a remote support tool gives dual control to both you and your QuickBooks ProAdvisor. This way, instead of attempting to explain how to fix a problem, the ProAdvisor can do it for you and explain what is happening every step of the way.  3. It's completely safe- Most remote support outlets offer one time only access to your computer. Join.Me, our most frequently used remote support site, uses a unique 9 digit code every time you log on. Once exited, the code is invalid and our access is lost

Managing Business Finances like a Pro: Utilizing Reports

Reports are a very important tool to utilize when using QuickBooks. They help keep your figures organized and accessible in a manageable format. How do I use reports to help me? Reports are an effective planning tool. By regularly checking your reports you can: Gain insight into your sales View your profitability View assets, liabilities, and equity Regularly monitor your cash flow Reports will organize the information you have “filed” away to help you see where your business stand and help keep your business running smoothly. How can I make the most of these reports? Reports help you answer questions, such as which products are selling, who is buying, and who owes you money. Reeports can also show you how your sales compare to a previous period. What are some important reports to look at? Income statements, also called a Profit and Loss or P&L, summarizes the revenue and expenses of a company over time. The income statement can show whet