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Have you heard about QuickBooks Online? QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based platform used to go beyond accounting into diverse areas of management. It has small business tools such as third-party apps, payroll, and payments.  QuickBooks online is a great new program that can make life easier when it comes to your business needs. Some benefits to having QuickBooks online include:  Efficient navigation; making it more user-friendly. You can access it from your mobile device or tablet and have sliding menus. Allows businesses to create and track invoices, connect to banks and credit card companies  for reconcile transactions; accepts credit cards for payments; turn payroll services on and off; and utilize a wide range of small-business applications. QuickBooks Online also has many other benefits that you do not want to pass up. Help your business run a little smoother by calling the QuickBooks Gal today at 775-348-9225.  

Typing Shortcuts in QuickBooks For Mac

Wondering how to do some shortcuts in QuickBooks for Mac? Here is a list of some typing shortcuts to make life easier. General                                                        Shortcut                   QuickBooks > Preferences                         Command-, (comma)                                                                                                        QuickBooks > Hide QuickBooks               Command-H                                                                                                                                QuickBooks > Hide Others                     Option-Command-H                                                                                                        QuickBooks > Quit QuickBooks                 Command-Q                                                                                                       File > New Company                           Option-Command-N                                        

How to Send your Customers an invoice in QuickBooks for Mac

Any time that you do something or sell something for a customer, they need to pay you. If they don't pay you on the spot, then you can send them an invoice so they'll pay you later. If you have an open estimate for a customer, QuickBooks lets you know this when you select  the customer name on the invoice. You can then select which estimate you want to use to create an invoice. Creating or editing an invoice: 1. Choose Customers; Create Invoice. 2. To create a new invoice, click the "Create an Invoice" on the left panel or click the + at the bottom of the      list. To edit an invoice, select an invoice in the list on the left panel. 3. Enter the information for the invoice, and click Save. Note: You can also create invoices using the Customer Center and Transaction Center. For more information on how to use QuickBooks properly call the QuickBooks Gal today at 775-348-9225 today!

QuickBooks Payroll Support

If you need help with your payroll and need answers, call the toll free payroll support hotline at (866) 223-5562 Monday-Friday 6A.M.- 6P.M. PST. Also if you are looking for a bookkeeper, payroll, or consulting then call the QuickBooks Gal today at 775-348-9225!

Looking to Start a Business? We Are Here To Help!

A business license is needed for each person, corporation, partnership, proprietership, business association and any other similar organization that conducts an activity for profit, including an independent contractor or sole proprietor. Here are some addresses and locations of the many offices you will have to go to in order to get your business license. Nevada Department of Taxation 1 East First Street Carson City, NV 89706 Phone: 775-684-2000 City of Reno Business Licenses 1550 E. College Pkwy. Reno,NV 89501 Phone: 775-334-2090 City of Sparks Business Licenses 431 Prater Way Sparks,NV 89431 Phone: 775-353-2360 State of Nevada Department of Business and Industry Division Insurance 788 Fairview Drive # 300 Carson City, NV 89702 Employment Security Divison 1325 Corporate Blvd. Reno, NV 89502 Phone: 775.688.2663 Fax: 775-688-2667 Immigration & Naturalization Service 1351 Corporate Blvd. Reno, NV 89502 Phone: 800-375-5283 Internal Revenue Services 200

Exporting Names for Mail Merge in QuickBooks for Mac

You can select names and addresses from your QuickBooks records to merge with documents you create with a word processor. This feature works with all QuickBooks lists of names (Customer:Job, Vendor, Employee, and Other Names). For example, you can create a form letter to your vendors in your word processor and have your vendors' names and addresses incorporated automatically into the letter. To export names for mail merge: 1 Choose File > Export > Addresses To Text File. 2 In the Select Addresses for Export window, choose the names you want to merge. 3 (Optional) Select the “Include jobs” checkbox to include the jobs associated with the customers you selected. Select this checkbox ONLY if there is a different name or address for each job. If the customer name and address are the same for each job, leave the checkbox clear (otherwise, you'll end up with duplicate form letters to the same name and address). 4 Click OK. 5 Enter a filename for the names

Inactive List Entries in QuickBooks for Mac

To mark a list item as inactive: 1 Open the list or center containing the entry you want to make inactive. For example, if you want to make a customer inactive, choose Customers > Customer Center to open the Customer Center. 2 Open the entry, and select the "Inactive" checkbox, and click OK. To view or hide inactive customers and vendors: 1 For an inactive customers and vendors, choose the center for that item. For example, for customers, choose Customers > Customer Center to open the Customer Center. 2 At the bottom of the list, go to the View menu. Choose either “Active Customer” or “Inactive Customers.” To view or hide list items other than customer and vendors: 1 From the Lists, Customers, or Vendors menu, choose the list containing the inactive items you want to hide. 2 Clear the “Include inactive” checkbox. Clearing the “Include inactive” checkbox hides all inactive items; selecting the “Include inactive” checkbox displays inactive items in g