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NSF Check - How to Record In QuickBooks

Step one: Company>make journal entry - date it the day or month that the check bounced · Debit bad debt expense $100.00 (for example) · Credit checking account $100.00 · Save and close Step two: Banking>make deposits · Deposit to your regular checking account · Skip "received from" column · Account should be bad debt expense · Memo that you are depositing a replacement check · Enter the amount · Save & close or print as usual This will increase bad debt expense when you make the journal entry and decrease cash in bank Then when you make the deposit of replacement check it will zero ou t the bad debt expense and put the money back into your checking account

Track Mileage For Your Tax Records

You and clients can use Google Maps and the iPhone's GPS to keep detailed records of driving trips for your tax records. This iPhone App makes it easier than ever to keep detailed records of driving mileage. Tap2Track Mileage lets you or clients document mileage for correct, solid, and defensible tax time deductions. It's Cheap. Best of all, the App currently sells for $3.99 and is intended to be upwards compatible.. The product provides three options: * Automatic. We'll calculate your mileage automatically using GPS. * Manual. Enter or adjust trip mileage manually. * Copy. Duplicate frequent trips and recent locations. Keep the IRS Happy. At tax time clients can email you a fully complete, IRS-friendly mileage log in CSV/Excel format from their iPhone. Next Step: Learn more here.

Add It Up Bookkeeping - Reno's Bookkeeper

The QuickBooks Gal - We Do Books! W e're your partner! One flat weekly or monthly fee covers it all! FREE Pickup and De livery Service (Available for Qualified Accounts) Busine ss Owners Are you working late nights & weekends just trying to keep up with your books? Do you miss out on family time because you are balancing your checkbook or trying to track your expenses? Do you find you are spending more time tracking your money instead of MAKING MONEY ? Do you know what your company is worth at any given moment? Do you struggle with invoicing, paying your bills, getting through state & federal forms? Has payroll become a monster that needs to be tamed? Do you need someone to track receivables and pay bills? If you have a home-based office? Do you need a central location where your employees can go to complete payroll forms or pick up their paychecks? Do you need a full charge bookkeeping, payroll and human resources partner? Do you struggle with insurance