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FAQ On Updating To The New QuickBooks Online!

Thinking about updating to the new QuickBooks Online? Here are the most frequently asked questions for the new QuickBooks Online:  "When will I see the new changes?" The new version of QuickBooks Online will come out in waves for the next few months. When you are eligible you will be able to update at any time you want! When your account is ready you will receive an email with instructions on how to update to the new QuickBooks Online!  "Can I see it before I switch my account over?" Of course! Here is a link to test drive it with! "What about improving product uptime?"  A new data center has been added and there have been other changes to help achieve 99.9% better uptime since 2013. To read about the changes visit our other blog: "What does these changes do to my Payroll Service?" Makes Payroll faster and easier to use!!  All

QuickBooks Online!

What do other users love about it? See who paid, and who didn't!  Receive invoices fast! With our payments feature your customers can press a "pay now' button and your invoices will be paid instantly via credit card or bank statement.  Capture receipts photos on your phone or tablet and then attach them to your QuickBooks expenses. No more saving receipts!  QuickBooks automatically takes in statements from your bank and credit card accounts, this means less work for you and it helps reduce double entry errors. Got a QuickBooks Mess? Call the QuickBooks Gal~ 775-348-9225 Have more questions about QuickBooks Online? Check out our video! Or call us today! We love hearing from you! :) 

Check Fraud: What You Need To Know

You are probably not aware that fraud is very common. Here are the top 5 things you need to know about Check Fraud 1: Check fraud is more common than credit card fraud, making up more than 4 in 5 fraud attempts. 2: Check fraud is no small hassle: It costs businesses a median of $150,000 and causes 30% of small businesses to fail each year. 3: Relying on banks to reimburse fraud is a huge mistake. Most of the time banks aren't even required to fully reimburse you. 4: The popularity of electronic payments hasn't slowed down check fraud, because new technology makes forgery easier than ever. 5: If a criminal washes one of your checks and pays someone else with it, the check recipient might be legally entitled to keep your money. Don't worry with Intuit Secure Checks you are able to protect yourself and your business.  Call us today to learn more about Intuit Secure Checks!

FAQ: Checks and Supplies

Frequently Asked Questions about Checks and Supplies: "Why should I buy Intuit Checks from you, when I can get them somewhere else for cheaper?" Other Vendors may say they are "QuickBooks Checks" but there is a good chance that they aren't. The only checks for QuickBooks by the makers of QuickBooks is the Intuit Checks we provide for you.  2. "What's the difference between Pro and Premier checks?"  Premier has more security protections: the security hologram on the front of the checks. The hologram makes scanning or copying nearly impossible. 3. "Other Vendors have security features, why should I pay more for Intuits secure checks?" Not all security checks are alike. Intuit’s checks have 27 overt and covert features designed to keep you and your business safe. Intuit protects your checks with state-of-the-art security all the way from manufacturing to your door. 4. "If someone defrauds me I can just go to

QuickBooks Online Update!

The new and improved QuickBooks is here! Moving to the new QuickBooks is lightning fast and hassle-free! It only takes 2-clicks to update to the new QuickBooks. Plus, your data will be available so you can get back to business fast! What's New?: The new QuickBooks now works on tablets! Plus, your data automatically syncs across platforms so you can access it no matter where you are, from the beach to your home you can work anytime, anywhere! The new online invoicing lets you send an invoice right from QuickBooks. You can now communicate with customers, and easily track invoices and payments . So now you can see who has paid you and who hasn't!  Scan Receipts!  With an auto-sync your books are  up to date on all your devices For more information check out our video on why everyone is switching over to QuickBooks Online! Got a QuickBooks Mess? Call The QuickBooks Gal at 775-348-9225

QuickBooks For Mac!

Get 1-click access to what you use most: The new Left Hand Toolbar lets you create shortcuts so you can move around QuickBooks even faster than before.  Find what you need, faster than before: You can use the enhanced, customization Centers to keep important customer, vendor, and transaction information at your fingertips. See who’s paid you (and who hasn't): The new Income Tracker shows all your income-producing transactions in one spot, including overdue invoices so you can remind customers to pay up. Keep track of sales rep performance: It’s easy to run reports that identify your top sales performers, whether they're an employee or a vendor. Do everyday financial tasks quickly!: Easily create invoices and sales receipts to keep track of who owes you money, what they bought, and when they paid you. You can log hours, bill clients, and add reimbursement expenses to your invoices. Keep track of important dates with iCal/Calendar integration and import A

FAQ: "What is The Difference Between QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Online?"

For more information on QuickBooks Online Check out our video! For more information of QuickBooks Pro, click here .  Have a QuickBooks Mess? Call the QuickBooks Gal! 775-348-9225