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Troubleshoot QBO Accountant Issues

I thought I would share an email I received this morning with you. When working in QuickBooks Online as an Accountant there are a few issues that have arisen. They are as follows: 1. Client company not appearing after acceptance of accountant invitation Article 1 . 2. Accountant is redirected to the accountant version, not the company version Article 2 .  Intuit has provided some trouble shooting steps below in the article. I hope you find this as useful as I did.  Good Luck QBO users! For QuickBooks set up, cleanup, and full service Bookkeeping & Payroll give us a call today! (775) 348-9225

Troubleshooting QuickBooks - File Doctor

Need help trouble shooting your QuickBooks? Let's take a look at the File Doctor Tool.  You know you need the File Doctor Tool when you click on a File in QuickBooks and it does not open.  By using the File Doctor Tool you will be able to fix the following issues: File and data corruption Windows setup problems Network setup problems (including H202 errors) You can find the downloadable File Doctor Tool on the Intuit Website .  Good Luck QuickBooks users! If you need help with QuickBooks set up, cleanup, or complete bookkeeping & Payroll, give us a call! (775) 348-9225 

Video Tutorial- "How to add an Accountant to QBO"

Another video in our "How To" series in QuickBooks Online. For more information on adding an accountant to your QuickBooks Online account, visit one of our recent blog posts: How to add an Account onto QBO Plus Good Luck QBO users! If you need help with QBO set up, cleanup, or complete bookkeeping & Payroll, give us a call! (775) 348-9225     

QuickBooks Online Keyboard Shortcuts!

If you, like others I know, are tired of manually moving the mouse around your screen in order to navigate QuickBooks, there's a better option.  All you need to do is memorize every shortcut available!!! Not really. Actually, all you need to do is have a copy of the shortcuts nearby. Simply go to the Intuit Customer Help link to view all the QBO Keyboard Shortcuts. Good Luck QBO users! If you need help with QBO set up, clean up, or completed bookkeeping & Payroll, give us a call! (775) 348-9225

Video Tutorial "How to Print 1099 Form in QBO"

As promised we have officially posted our first QBO tutorial video. This is part of our "How To" series in QuickBooks Online. Remember 1099 Forms need to be in by February 28th, 2013! For more information on Printing your 1099 form visit one of our recent blog posts: 1099 Printing Guide for QuickBooks Online Good Luck QBO users! If you need help with QBO set up, cleanup, or complete bookkeeping & Payroll, give us a call! (775) 348-9225

How to Find a Local QBO Expert

Are you having troubles with your QuickBooks Online? Are you unsure how to find a local QuickBooks ProAdvisor? Check out Intuits Find a ProAdvisor page! All you have to do is input your local zip code.  It's as easy as that. "Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors are typically CPAs, accountants, and small business advisors who have been tested and certified 1  on QuickBooks. ProAdvisors help businesses..."  Read More If you need help with QBO set up, cleanup, or complete bookkeeping & Payroll, give the QuickBooks Gal a call! (775) 348-9225

Customizing Forms in QBO

Did you know that you can change the default title of a form when you view it onscreen and when you print it? You can also change the way the title looks when the form is printed. For example, you can change the font, color, and move the title to a different location. You can also add in background images and logos as well. You'll find that there are a lot of customization's you can make to the forms you use in QuickBooks Online.  Here's How:  1. Go to the Company Menu and click the Preference Tab. 2. Then in the left hand column, scroll down to click Form Delivery. 3. Next click Customize Forms. 4. Finally click Customize on the screen to begin customizing your forms. 5. To change the default title, go into the Header field and enter the new title in the Title field.  6. Directly underneath the title field, in the Content/Header Information section, you can align the title to appear where ever you would like on the form.  7. Next, scroll down to the Layout Field w

FUTA Credit Reduction

For those of you who are confused about the Federal Unemployment Tax Act, I found a great Wiki-Article . "Under the provisions of the American  Federal Unemployment Tax Act  (FUTA), a Federal tax is levied on employers covered by the  Unemployment Insurance  program at a current rate of 6.0% on wages up to $7,000 a year paid to a worker. The law, however, provides a credit against federal tax liability of up to 5.4% to employers who pay state taxes timely under an approved state UI program. Accordingly, in states meeting the specified requirements, employers pay an effective Federal tax of 0.6%..." Read More The credit reduction for Nevada and California as of 2012 was at 0.6%. Read More and check out the, " list of FUTA Credit Reduction states for tax year 2009 through 2012."

QBO Plus v. QB Mac

There is no longer a need for a windows operating system to use Quickbooks. Since the launch of QBO Plus and QB Mac you may be wondering which is the best fit for you? Just to define them, QBO is the Quickbooks Online version and Quickbooks Mac is the Mac version. Both come with similar operating and a few differentiating features. The similarities between the two are as follows: 1. Ease of printing checks and bills. 2. Tracking sales, taxes and payments. 3. Managing payroll and accepting payment in the program itself. 4. Creating invoices and customizing them. 5. Track expenses and inventory as well as manage inventory. 6. Keep track of bank transactions, and generate consolidated views of your company. Now how they are different. QBO allows access to U.S. based product experts. It also allows up to 5 additional users at the same time, and has 65+ financial reports available. QB Mac allows the users to locate accounts and invoices in the search tool as well as see them

1099 Printing Guide for QuickBooks Online

I've received the most blog hits coming from searches for my blog on   1099 Printing Guidelines . With that in mind, I am posting an instruction sheet for QuickBooks Online users. I hope you find it helpful. 1. Once in QuickBooks Online, click on the   Vendors Tab . 2. Click on the   Vendor List Tab . 3. Navigate to the bottom left of the page and click the Prepare 1099-Misl. Forms Button. 4. Now there will be a series of 3 steps to go through: (a) Set up Vendors and Accounts, (b) Preview 1099 and 1096 Forms, and (c) Print or e-file forms.         a.   Click on   Select Vendors             i. In the window that appears, add vendors to the tracking payment column and click   OK .             ii. Now that you are back in the regular click on  Assign Payments   which is located underneath  Select Vendors.             iii. On the left column in the new window under 1099 Information you will select   Non Employee Compensation (Box 7) and in the right hand column, d

How to add an Account onto QBO Plus

You can add an Account onto your QuickBooks Online Plus with 4 easy and simple steps.They are as follows: 1. Click on the Company tab. 2. Click on the Manage Users tab. Remember: Depending on the version of QBO you have, you are only given a certain amount of users for free; however, you can always add an accountant or bookkeeper for free. This is offered because Intuit wants to encourage the use of Pro-Advisers like the QuickBooks Gal . 3. Click the Invite Accountant button. A new window will appear prompting you to enter the email and name of your accountant.  4. Finally, your accountant will receive an email asking them to accept invite to log into your QuickBooks account.  Remember: Accountants can only access QBO from not . COMING SOON: Keep an eye out for our video tutorials.