Full Service Payroll!

You want a payroll service that's good for you and your business. With Intuit Full Service Payroll, you're
getting an outsourced payroll solution from a company you trust. Simply enter hours online, and we do the rest!
  • Save time with QuickBooks integration
    • Our automatic detailed sync to QuickBooks eliminates the hassle of manual data entry and imports.
  • Easy setup with U.S.-based experts
    • Our dedicated payroll experts work with your clients to take care of everything from setup to direct deposit to payroll taxes.
    • Proactive Service:
      •  Accurately set up your payroll information, and verify social security numbers and your SUI rate
      • Set up your company file to integrate with QuickBooks (Windows, Mac, or Online)
      • Walk you through submitting hours online
      • Ensure that your payroll is correct
      • Accurately file and pay your taxes for you 
      • Proactively remind you when you need to have funds available for tax payments
      • Be available by phone, email, or chat
  • Error Detection Technology:
    • Our patent pending smart technology will:
      • Alert you instantly if you input hours that differ from you what you typically enter
      • Let you preview your payroll before the final submission ‐ before any money is moved
      • Compare your total payroll to your last payroll allowing you to double check it
      • Monitor and proactively flag potential issues or changes before your payroll is submitted
Have any questions about Payroll or have a QuickBooks mess? Call the QuickBooks Gal! We love to hear from you! :) 


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