FAQ: QuickBooks Online

Everyone is making the switch to QuickBooks Online!
But with the switch comes many questions!
Here are the most frequently asked questions about QuickBooks Online!

  • Can I convert my existing QuickBooks desktop data?
    • Yes! You can import your QuickBooks Basic, Pro or Premier file into Online Plus or Online Essentials!
  • What about Quicken?
    • Unfortunately no. 
  • How much accounting do I need to know in order to use QuickBooks Online?
    • QuickBooks Online was made to be easy to use. No need to learn how to do accounting! All you need to know is how to write checks, create and send invoices, and file your bills!
  • What is included with my subscription? 
    • QuickBooks Online includes: Full use of the features of the particular version of QuickBooks Online, automatic upgrades to your selected version at no extra cost, secure storage of your data, and product support.
  • Can I try the new update to QuickBooks Online before I make the switch?
    • Of course! You can start a trial for 30 days to make sure it's right for you.
QuickBooks Online is an accessible, safe, and easy way to simplify your accounting. With no software to download, using QuickBooks online is as easy as using any other website. Plus, you can use it from any device anywhere you want!

So make the switch today! Call the QuickBooks Gal! 775-348-9225


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