QBO Plus v. QB Mac

There is no longer a need for a windows operating system to use Quickbooks. Since the launch of QBO Plus and QB Mac you may be wondering which is the best fit for you?

Just to define them, QBO is the Quickbooks Online version and Quickbooks Mac is the Mac version. Both come with similar operating and a few differentiating features.

The similarities between the two are as follows:
1. Ease of printing checks and bills.
2. Tracking sales, taxes and payments.
3. Managing payroll and accepting payment in the program itself.
4. Creating invoices and customizing them.
5. Track expenses and inventory as well as manage inventory.
6. Keep track of bank transactions, and generate consolidated views of your company.

Now how they are different.

QBO allows access to U.S. based product experts. It also allows up to 5 additional users at the same time, and has 65+ financial reports available.

QB Mac allows the users to locate accounts and invoices in the search tool as well as see them from a calender view. It also integrates in operating tools specific to Mac computers. This software allows there to be up to 5 users at a time with 100+  financials available. You can import data from excel and as well as track inventory and it allows you to set a reorder point for your inventory.

We are supporting both right now and think they are great products on the market.

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