Customizing Forms in QBO

Did you know that you can change the default title of a form when you view it onscreen and when you print it? You can also change the way the title looks when the form is printed. For example, you can change the font, color, and move the title to a different location. You can also add in background images and logos as well. You'll find that there are a lot of customization's you can make to the forms you use in QuickBooks Online. 

Here's How: 
1. Go to the Company Menu and click the Preference Tab.
2. Then in the left hand column, scroll down to click Form Delivery.
3. Next click Customize Forms.
4. Finally click Customize on the screen to begin customizing your forms.
5. To change the default title, go into the Header field and enter the new title in the Title field. 
6. Directly underneath the title field, in the Content/Header Information section, you can align the title to appear where ever you would like on the form. 
7. Next, scroll down to the Layout Field where you can add a Logo next to your Company Name. 
8. Below the Layout Field is the Style Field. In this section you can do the following:
      a. Change the background image and select a standard style.
      b. Change the text of the title.
      c. Change the color of the title.
9. Click the Preview button to see what your form will look like. Below is an example of the fun you can have when customizing your form. This example was found on the Intuit Website

10. Lastly, click Save to the close the Customize Sales Form window.

Good Luck QBO users! If you need help with QBO set up, cleanup, or complete bookkeeping & Payroll, give us a call! (775) 348-9225


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