Upcoming Changes to Dispute Resolution

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If you are using QuickBooks to process your payments, Intuit will be implementing new guidelines for simpler dispute resolution (also known as chargeback).Visa is the first payment network to announce their change. Please see Visa’s new guidelines. 

The new process will include these changes:

New categories- There will be 4 reason code categories grouping 25 reason codes.

Faster processing- These new reason code categories will be aligned with two resolution paths:

1.   1. Fraud and Authorization categories: These categories will make up the bulk of the disputes.  Under a new process called “Allocation,” Visa will automatically check the dispute in real-time and either reject the claim as invalid or assign liability.
2.   2. Processing Errors and Consumer Disputes Categories: These categories will follow the similar process as exists today for challenging a dispute under the “collaboration” process.

Shorter dispute window- You will have a shorter time frame to respond to disputes, which in turn will allow for quicker resolution of the dispute.

These changes are scheduled for release by April 15, 2018.

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