What's New In Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 2011

Get Faster Access to Data
  • Advanced Inventory- In QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 2011, users can now accuratley track the quantity and value of inventory in multiple locations from inside their QuickBooks software.
  • Enhanced Built-In Reports- Enhancements to several key QuickBooks reports give users valuable business insights. New and improved reports capture customer and sales insights that help small businesses make better business decisions.
  • More Combined Reports- QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions users can now create Profit and Loss by Class reports that combine data from multiple company files.
  • Balance Sheet by Class- QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions users who have several funds, departments, or locations can now track them separately within a single, easy-to-access report.
  • Customer Snapshot- QuickBooks makes prioritizing customers easy by offering a consolidated view of customers' purchase histories, average days to pay, and outstanding balances. This capability enables small business owners to make timely decisions on customer requests and identify top customers by revenue and payment consistency.
  • Customer/Vendor Transactions- QuickBooks users now have the ability to complete their transactions faster than ever with at-a-glance views of important customer and vendor details. With instant access to customer payment history, estimates, and past orders with vendors on one screen, completing transactions is easy and fast.
  • QuickBooks Search- Users can now quickly locate any account, report or invoice details within their QuickBooks repository with a simple keyword search.
Make Everyday Tasks More Efficient
  • Two Company Files- Users can now work in two instances of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions simultaneously to save time switching between QuickBooks files.
  • Custom Reporting- Exclusive to QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, users can now create custom reports using ODBC-complaint applications with a new way to directly access the QuickBooks database for maximum flexibility in report design.
QuickBooks has several new and improved features to help businesses get paid
  • Batch Invoicing- Small businesses who often invoice multiple customers for the same services can streamline the process with Batch Invoicing. Users create one template they wish to use, select the customers they wish to bill, and then Batch Invoicing automatically creates the full set of invoices.
  • Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail Integration- QuickBooks integrates with popular webmail services Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail to make sending invoices, estimates, and other emails right from QuickBooks easy.
  • Collections Center- Users can quickly identify overdue and almost due invoices, and then email collection notices from their Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, or Hotmail account in the Collections Center.

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