Enterprise 7 Just Crashed - Here's a Link to the Updates

When I opened my QuickBooks Enterprise 7 today, it crashed once I logged into the company file I wanted to use.  I tried to open it in a sample company and had the same results.  Since I have several clients who use this version of QuickBooks, I was quite distressed.

I repeatedly received an alert that I needed to install the latest updates, but when I selected Install Now, nothing happened and the program closed.  Of course, if I skipped the process, the program continued to crash once I entered my password. 

Then I found the solution:  Download & install the updates manually.  That did the trick!  I am not sure why the update installer stopped working, but it did.  If you are having the same problem, try the manual installation of the most recent updates.  Thanks to this fix, I am back in business!

I hope this info is useful.  I'll have more QuickBooks Tips soon.

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