Top Mistakes Made By QuickBooks Users

Are you new to QuickBooks? Don't make the same mistakes as others. Here are a list on the top common mistakes QuickBooks users make!:

  • Never use a sample file as your actual company file! The sample file is just to help you learn how to use QuickBooks, the sample file contains a limited set of services. 
  • Don't enter invoices and then make a deposit without going through the Receive Payments step:
    • If you are entering invoices in QuickBooks to record your sales, be sure to use the Receive Payments screen to apply the payment against the invoice.

  • Don’t accidentally record your customer payments twice! Seems like a silly mistake, but it happens! 
  • Don’t choose your bank account in the Expense Account field when writing a check

      • Checking the Expense Account field causes the money to go out and immediately back into your checking account instead of reducing the checking balance

  • Don’t rename or delete the critical accounts that QuickBooks automatically creates
  • Don’t assign items to the wrong kind of account

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