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The QuickBooks Gal: Natural Bug Repellents

Summer is in full swing! The weather is heating up and the bugs are coming inside.
You have probably noticed a decent amount of spiders, flies, mosquitoes and other creepy crawlers either at your business or in your home. Here are some natural DIY bug repellents to spray around your business and home!

Mosquitoes: Citronella candles are the best bet when it comes to this pesky guys. You can grab them at any grocery store.
There are also plants that Mosquitoes hate. You can plant these around your backyard or surround your restaurant patio with these plants Lemon Balm, Catnip, Marigold, Lavender, Rosemary, and Geranium 
A good DIY spray is: 1/2 teaspoon of citronella, 1/2 Cup distilled water, 1/2 Cup witch Hazel. Put them in a spray bottle, shake it up and viola! You have a natural bug repellent spray! 

Spiders: Spiders HATE peppermint. So anything with peppermint oil will do the trick! You can add water  and peppermint oil to a spray bottle and spray around cracks, doors and windows. Make sure t…

New Gmail Feature!

Talk about a life saver! Check out the new feature on Gmail! 

Simple as that! 
Got a question or concern about your QuickBooks? Call the QuickBooks Gal! 


There are spammers emailing QuickBooks users about your credit card being declined.  If the email is not from an Intuit email, DELETE THE EMAIL or forward to

We received this email today, as you can see it was from a gmail user, not an Intuit email. 
If you receive this, please forward it to

The QuickBooks Gal: Here To Help All Types Of Businesses

Have a QuickBooks Mess? The QuickBooks Gal is here! 

We specialize in helping small to medium size businesses. We will work with you, for you, or teach you about QuickBooks, Sage 50, FreshBooks, and more. We have Advanced Certified ProAdvisors here to help.

We offer:
Bookkeeping Set upClean upOngoing BookkeepingProcess daily sales and deposit reportsVerify daily deposits and report variancesReconcile and verify credit card depositsReconcile monthly bank statements

Payroll Maintain Payroll RecordsE-Verify New EmployeesProcess PayrollDirect DepositProcess Governments & Child SupportProcess Quarterly Tax ReportsProcess Annual Reports & W-2's

Consulting In our consulting session our Advanced QuickBooks Advisor will teach you how to effectively use QuickBooks!

We consult on a wide range of QuickBooks topics including: Managing Assets and Loans ShoeBox to Computer  Set-Up or Clean-Up
The QuickBooks Gal specializes in a variety of Intuit software QuickBooks Basic, Pro, Premier QuickBooks for Ma…

Nevada Minimum Wage

In Nevada there have been some changes regarding Minimum wage and Payroll Rates

There are now two minimum wages in Nevada.  $7.25 for those who are offered health benefits  $8.25 for all others
Over Time Rules: 

Non-exempt employees paid a base rate of no more than 1 1/2 x the applicable state minimum must be paid O.T. for each hour worked over 8 hours on any workday. As July 1, 2015 you must pay daily O.T. to workers paid under $12.375 ($8.25 x 1.5) or if you provide Health Benefits, $10.875 ($7.25 x 1.5)-Dept. of Business and Industry, News Release, 3-31-15; Office of the Labor Commissioner, State of NEvada Minimum Wage and Daily Overtime 2015 Annual Bulletins, 4-1-15-

Payroll Rates and bases                                   2014                                         2015

Employee SS and Medicare                     6.20%/ 1.45%                            6.20%/1.45%
Employer SS and Medicare                     6.20 %/ 1.45%                           6.20%/ 1.45% Social Security wage limi…

QuickBooks Online Loves Apple

Are you an Apple Product user? In love with your Iphone? Never too far away from your Mac? Totally obsessed with the Apple Watch? Well now you can check how your business is doing from almost any Apple products!

With QuickBooks Online App you can check your QuickBooks anytime, anywhere on any smartphone or tablet.  Track invoices, statements and even inventory!  Be able to see who has paid and who hasn't! Take pictures of receipts that transfer over to your QuickBooks, that way you don't have to carry around a bunch of receipts or be scared to lose them!  With Profit & Loss and the Balance sheet being on the homepage you can always see how your business is doing no matter where you are. At home, the grocery store, even the beach, you are able to check how your business is doing!
Use Touch ID for your log in for the QuickBooks App, that way you know your business information is protected.

Have an Apple Watch? Thinking about getting an Apple Watch? QuickBooks Online now works with Ap…

QuickBooks Online: New Apps

QuickBooks Online has Apps and Add-On's made to help you get the most out of QuickBooks.
Here a new Apps that have been introduced to QuickBooks Online!

With Shopify you are able to import all your orders through Shopify to QuickBooks, that way you don't have to manually add each product. Plus this means less work for you! 
You can export all your orders into a sales receipt. Choose the dates and the products to create custom sales receipts!
Taxes are automatically added! Shopify will add the Tax to your items for you. That way you know you aren't under charging your customers!

DataQlick Track your sales in the most detailed way possible with DataQlick Choose to see your information through statistics, KPI, charts, tables and reports. Save you time and effort!
With DataQlick create, prioritize, tag, communicate and assign tasks to teammates or even clients. DataQlick helps you get your work done fast! Which means more fun time for you!


Be able to track all the informat…

QB Gal: QuickBooks For Mac

Are you in love with your Apple Products? Don't Worry, so are we! That's why QuickBooks created QuickBooks For Mac..Created for Mac by Mac users! 

Designed just for your Mac: Enjoy special features designed just for Mac users! Keep an eye on your business with QuickView in your Mac’s menu bar. Use multiple windows and keyboard shortcuts to speed through common tasks and workflows.
Everything you need in one spot: Track sales and expenses, create estimates, manage customers, collaborate with your accountant, and more. All in one place! 

Get paid faster: Create professional-looking invoices and let customers pay you by credit card or bank transfer. Less work for you!
Anytime, anywhere access: Enjoy QuickBooks on your Mac, smartphone, tablet, and the web. Data syncs automatically so you’ll always have the latest information at your fingertips. Just like QuickBooks Online you are able to have access to your QuickBooks anytime, anywhere
Track your expenses: With QuickBooks for Mac you have a…