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Should you switch to QuickBooks Online?

Why is everyone switching over to QuickBooks Online? This informational video will show you why you needs QuickBooks Online today!

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How to create an invoice in QuickBooks Online

Create an invoice in a few easy steps:
1. Select the customer you’d like to invoice. If it’s your first
customer, you’ll be guided step by step.
2. Choose your payment terms. This is the date you’d like to be
paid. The default is net 30 days.
3. Enter the product or service you’re selling (e.g., design services).
4. Enter a description of the service or product for your customer
(e.g., Graphic design for Jane’s website).
5. Enter the rate or how much you’ve charged the customer.
6. Choose an income account which categories your receivables
(the money coming in to your business).

Customize your invoices to fit your business:
You can easily customize our standard invoices to fit your
business needs. Want to add discounts, show quantities, or
automatically include VAT on your invoices? No problem.
Just click the “customize” button on your invoice screen and
discover how you can tailor the invoices to meet your specific

Add your logo for a professional look:
Adding a logo is easy an…

Need Checks and Supplies for QuickBooks?

Here's what we offer:

Basis Voucher Blue

Price for 250:     $70.19

Price for 500:    $94.24

Price for 1000:   $133.24

Price for 2000:   $217.74

Secure Plus Standard Blue

Price for 250:   $94.24

Price for 500:   $120.24

Price for 1000:  $170.29

Price for 2000:  $246.99

Secure Plus Voucher Blue

Price for 250:   $107.24

Price for 500:    $145.59

Price for 1000:  $206.69

Price for 2000:   $324.99

Secure Premier Voucher Blue

Price for 250:   $120.24

Price for 500:    $162.49

Price for 1000:   $232.69

Price for 2000:  $363.99

Self-Seal Standard Voucher Check Envelopes 

Price for 250:  $46.14

Price for 500:  $63.04

Price for 1000:  $98.14

Price for 2000:  $156.64

You can also purchase deposit slips, security pens, and endorsement stamps from us as well.

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Wondering what data will convert to QuickBooks Enterprise?

Data Conversion Deatils for Sage MAS 90/200 and Sage 50 (Peachtree 13 and newer)

What can be converted:
-Customers List
-Vendors List
-Items List
-Employees List
-Chart of Accounts                                                                        
-Summary Trial Balance (no detail)
-Open Invoices
-Unapplied Credit Memos
-Unpaid Bills
-Unapplied Bill Credit
-Inventory Quantities and Values

What can't be converted:
      -No employee tax setup
     - No payroll items
     -No YTD information
-Un-reconciled Bank Transactions
-Closed Invoices or Bills
-Applied Credits or Bill Credits
-Customer Payments or Bill Payments
-Sales Orders
-Purchase Orders

*All Windows Versions only  

You can also convert your data on your own by exporting it into excel and then using the import function in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions.

Quickopedia: How-to's, answers and support for QuickBooks Online Accountant

Client Collaborator enables you to:

-Be more efficient-Ask questions about transactions and get answers without ever leaving QuickBooks. No more phone or email tag.

-Simplify organization- Conversations are documented right on the transaction for easy refrence. No more searching for answers.

-Stay in the loop- New messages automatically appear on your home page and in your Activities feed. No more playing catch up.

Quickopedia tip:

There is more than one way to stay up to date! To see the latest  messages from your clients, you can:

-Check the Activities feed on your home page.

-Click the message icon in the top right of your home page. Then just click any message to go to the corresponding transaction.

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Pricing Information: QuickBooks Payroll Direct Deposit Service

This is a blog to inform you of the new pricing change for Intuit QuickBooks Payroll direct deposit service.

Beginning on April 20, 2014, the fee for direct deposits for employees and vendors will be $1.50 per paycheck.

As always, you will be charged for direct deposit only when you use it. There is no fee associated with direct deposits for employees to a NetSpend Visa Prepaid Card.

If you have any questions or just want to know what QuickBooks can offer for your business please call 775-348-9225 today!

Who is the typical Quickbooks Online customer and when is it recommended?

Who is the typical QuickBooks Online customer?

a) Want the flexibility to work on the go (from computers and mobile devices)

b) Service-based business (Prof. svcs., construction & retail are top industries)

c) Comfortable working online

d) One or more location

e) Looking for zero maintenance software

When to recommend Quickbooks Online?

QuickBooks Online is a great choice for your business if you want:

-Anytime, anywhere access for up to 25 people at the same time

-Automatic updates and upgrades that don't require any action from you

-Light inventory capabilities and expenses tracked by job

-Iphone, Ipad, Android apps that sync key tasks across all devices

-Bank & credit card transactions automatically downloaded from 16,000+ banks

-Multiple AR/AP lines in journal entries

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