Intuit QuickBooks Payroll Pricing Changes

Payroll Service
Annual Subscription
Monthly Subscription
Standard Payroll(effective 8/1/14)
$509 per year
Enhanced Payroll, 4 or more employees
$479 per year (effective 8/1/14)
$47.90 per month (effective 9/9/14)
Enhanced Payroll, Variable employee Fee* (effective 9/9/14)
$390per year, plus $2 per employee per payroll
$39 per month, plus $2 per employee per payroll

*starting in 2013, the pricing for new QuickBooks Payroll customers changed to a base fee plus per-employee fee. Direct deposit for W-2 employees is included in this fee.

QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll for Accountants, effective 9/9/14
Annual subscribers will receive notification prior to their renewal date and will be charged the new price at the time of their renewal.

Payroll Service
Annual Subscription
Monthly Subscription
Enhanced Payroll For Accountants
$479 per year
$47.90 per month
Enhanced Payroll for Accountants (with QuickBooks ProAdvisor Membership)
$250 per year
$25 per month

Direct Deposit, effective 9/9/14

Payroll Service
Per-Deposit fee
Direct Deposit and Direct Deposit for 1099 Venders
$1.60 per deposit

Assisted Payroll, effective 10/7/2014

Payroll Service
Monthly Subscription  
Assisted Payroll
$99 per month

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