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Intuit QuickBooks Payroll Pricing Changes

Payroll Service Annual Subscription Monthly Subscription Standard Payroll(effective 8/1/14) $509 per year N/A Enhanced Payroll, 4 or more employees $479 per year (effective 8/1/14) $47.90 per month (effective 9/9/14) Enhanced Payroll, Variable employee Fee* (effective 9/9/14) $390per year, plus $2 per employee per payroll $39 per month, plus $2 per employee per payroll
*starting in 2013, the pricing for new QuickBooks Payroll customers changed to a base fee plus per-employee fee. Direct deposit for W-2 employees is included in this fee.
QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll for Accountants, effective 9/9/14 Annual subscribers will receive notification prior to their renewal date and will be charged the new price at the time of their renewal.
Payroll Service Annual Subscription Monthly Subscription Enhanced Payroll For Accountants $479 per year $47.90 per month Enhanced Payroll for Accountants (with QuickBooks ProAdvisor Membership) $250 per year $25 per month

Direct Deposit, effectiv…

Top Mistakes Made By QuickBooks Users

Are you new to QuickBooks? Don't make the same mistakes as others. Here are a list on the top common mistakes QuickBooks users make!:
Never use a sample file as your actual company file! The sample file is just to help you learn how to use QuickBooks, the sample file contains a limited set of services. Don't enter invoices and then make a deposit without going through the Receive Payments step:If you are entering invoices in QuickBooks to record your sales, be sure to use the Receive Payments screen to apply the payment against the invoice.

Don’t accidentally record your customer payments twice! Seems like a silly mistake, but it happens! Don’t choose your bank account in the Expense Account field when writing a check
Checking the Expense Account field causes the money to go out and immediately back into your checking account instead of reducing the checking balance

Don’t rename or delete the critical accounts that QuickBooks automatically createsDon’t assign items to the wrong ki…

Got Mac?

Then you need QuickBooks for Mac! Why?

Get 1-click access to what you use most:The new Left Hand Toolbar lets you create shortcuts so you can move around QuickBooks even faster than before. Find what you need, faster than before:You can use the enhanced, customization Centers to keep important customer, vendor, and transaction information at your fingertips.See who’s paid you (and who hasn't):The new Income Tracker shows all your income-producing transactions in one spot, including overdue invoices so you can remind customers to pay up.Keep track of sales rep performance:It’s easy to run reports that identify your top sales performers, whether they're an employee or a vendor.Do everyday financial tasks quickly!:Easily create invoices and sales receipts to keep track of who owes you money, what they bought, and when they paid you.You can log hours, bill clients, and add reimbursement expenses to your invoices.Keep track of important dates with iCal/Calendar integration and impor…

How To: Convert a QuickBooks Online File to Desktop Version

In order to convert a file from QuickBooks Online to a desktop version of QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, or QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions you must be logged in to QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop and opened throughout the process.
Open the version of QuickBooks desktop that you will be using to convert your QuickBooks Online Edition company file. Do not open a company file.Start the QuickBooks Online Edition export interview:Go to QuickBooks Online and log in to your company file.Select the Company tab, then under More, select Export Your Data.Select an option to export Lists or Lists & Transactions, and then click Next.Lists:Read the information in the Exporting Lists window. Click the print the entire list of details link, and read and retain the document.Click Next.Read the information on your screen about how to export lists, and then click the Export.In the "Create New QuickBooks File" window, select a location and enter a file name for the new company…

Nevada Tax Return Mailings Discontinued!!

Department of Taxation Nevada Tax Return Mailings Discontinued
Effective July 1, 2014, the Department will no longer mail Sales & Use and Use Tax Returns to your business. Tax Returns can be downloaded and printed from our website at Please mail your return and payment to : Nevada Department of Taxation P.O Box 52609 Phoenix, AZ 85072-2609
If you would like to file your returns online and if you are a new user, simply follow these instructions: Click "Enroll Nevada Tax" on the homepage.Have available: a username, the users First and Last name, phone number, e-mail address, Taxpayer Identification number (TID), Business Name and the amount of a previously filed return or payment OR your pre-approved Nevada Tax Access Code (found on your Sales or Use Tax Permit.)Follow the instructions on the screenOnce you are enrolled, simply login to your account and choose the business for which you wish to File and Pay. Menu options will be on the left side of your screen fo…

QuickBooks Online: Keyboard Shortcuts

QuickBooks Online is already made to make your life easier, but now it is about to get even better! Below is the keyboard shortcuts for QuickBooks Online! 
Got a QuickBooks Mess? Call the QuickBooks Gal!

Note to Mac users:  You can try these shortcuts using the CMD key instead of Alt or CTRL when noted below.

To open a second window in:

Internet Explorer:   Press Ctrl + N (you will be logged in to existing company on both windows)Firefox:  Press Ctrl + N (you won't be logged in to the second window but will remain logged in to the first one.  The second window will allow you to log in to the existing company so that you may work using both screens.)Chrome:  Press Ctrl + N (if you go to QBO in that window you will be logged in to the existing company)To search for text in a window:

To enter dates:

Next day + (plus key)Previous day - (minus key)Today TFirst day of the Week WLast day of the week KFirst day of the Month MLast day of the month HFirst day of the Year YLast day of the year RPr…

FAQ On Installing QuickBooks:

When it comes to installing QuickBooks it can be confusing, but don't worry The QuickBooks Gal is here to help! Here are a list of frequently asked questions about installing Quickbooks Products. 
How do I update my data to a new version of QuickBooks?:Your data from an earlier version of QuickBooks will update automatically the first time you open the company file in a new version of QuickBooksWhat if I have multiple versions of QuickBooks? Can I merge all my files together?Unfortunately, QuickBooks files cannot be combined. I just got a new computer, how can I QuickBooks or my data to a new computer?To move QuickBooks from one computer to another:1) Install and register QuickBooks on the new computer: 2) Back up the company file on the old computer. 3) Restore the backup on the new computer. If you installed a newer version of QuickBooks on the new computer, the company file will be updated automatically the first time you open it.

Can I convert my existing QuickBooks desktop data to…

The QuickBooks Gal:What We Offer

Our bookkeeping services are suitable for any industry: aimed towards businesses of small to medium sizes. We offer weekly, monthly, quarterly, or on demand bookkeeping based on your needs. We Offer: Set up Clean up Ongoing Bookkeeping Process daily sales and deposit reports Verify daily deposits and report variances Reconcile and verify credit card deposits Reconcile monthly bank statements ​And more!
We offer remote support services with the latest technologies for screen sharing. Gaining access to your screen allows our experts to view your precise problems and help manage them in a timely manner. These remote support sessions allow our advisers to troubleshoot QuickBooks issues from any location and it is 100% guaranteed to be confidential.

We have worked in a variety of industries and offer a range of services to meet your bookkeeping needs.
We even include Payroll Service! The QuickBooksGal will take the hours and rates of your employees and manage them in an orderly fashion! What Does This …