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The QuickBooks Gal: Bookkeeping, Payroll and More!

The QuickBooks Gal is here for all your business needs!
Our bookkeeping service is suitable for any size business, big or small we have you covered! We Offer: Set up Clean up Ongoing Bookkeeping Process daily sales and deposit reports Verify daily deposits and report variances Reconcile and verify credit card deposits Reconcile monthly bank statements

The QuickBooks Gal even does payroll! Which makes running your business a little easier! What Does This Entail? Maintain Payroll Records E-Verify New Employees Process Payroll Direct Deposit Process Governments & Child Support Process Quarterly Tax Reports Process Annual Reports & W-2's

The QuickBooksGal even offers remote support services; the latest technologies for screen sharing.Gaining access to your screen allows our experts to view your precise problem and rectify it swiftly.These remote support sessions allow our advisers to troubleshoot QuickBooks issues from any location, and it is 100% guaranteed to be confidential.  Using  Resources …

How To: Move a QuickBooks Online File to Desktop

Both QuickBooks Online and Desktop need to be open during the whole process.

Open the version of QuickBooks desktop into which you will convert your QuickBooks Online Edition company file. Do not open a company file; stop at the No Company Open window.Start the QuickBooks Online Edition export interview:Go to QuickBooks Online and log in to your company file.Select the Company tab, then under More, select Export Your Data.The QuickBooks Online Export window opens.Select an option to export Lists or Lists & Transactions, and then click Next.Lists:Read the information in the Exporting Lists window. Click the print the entire list of details link, and read and retain the document.Click Next.Read the information on your screen about how to export lists, and then click the Export button.In the Create New QuickBooks File window, select a location and enter a file name for your new company file.Click Save. QuickBooks Online Edition begins converting your data and displays a progress bar o…

QuickBooks Checks Value Pack!

Remember, the only checks for QuickBooks by the makers of QuickBooks is the Intuit Checks Intuit provides for you!
Below are Check Value Packs that include the essentials for printing checks and simplifying bill payment and business banking! This is perfect for any business, big or small!
Voucher Check Value Pack Contains:
Basic Voucher ChecksMatching EnvelopesYour choice of Deposit SlipsPLUS an Endorsement Stamp

Voucher Check - Basic Value Pack Contains: Basic Voucher ChecksMatching EnvelopesYour choice of Deposit Slips

Standard Check Value Pack Contains: Standard ChecksMatching EnvelopesYour choice of Deposit SlipsPLUS an Endorsement Stamp

 Intuit’s checks have 27 overt and covert features designed to keep you and your business safe. Intuit protects your checks with state-of-the-art security.

Have any more questions or concerns regarding QuickBooks or Checks and Supplies? Call The QuickBooks Gal!

Have You Updated Your QuickBooks Online?

The new QuickBooks Online is here! Have you updated yet? All the features you love about QuickBooks Online is now even better!

There is even a faster way to get paid! Now you can email invoices with a new and improved Pay Now button so now your customers can pay instantly online with credit card or bank payment!

You can also see who and what needs to paid! 

Updating to the new QuickBooks Online only takes a minute! So update today! Have any questions or concerns?  Call The QuickBooks Gal!

How to Back Up in QuickBooks

Backing up your work is very important! Especially if you are trying something new. Below are step by step directions on how to back up in QuickBooks
Insert flash drive and confirm what the drive is (I am using Desktop in this example) Select File>Backup company>create copy>create local backup Follow these steps...screenshots below explain what to do next: Select Finish- process will take a while.. do not remove flash drive until you see a message that says your backup is complete.
When you see this message, click OK before you eject the flash drive or the backup will not properly close. When finished, insert the flash drive and verify that you have the file on there. Make 2 backups!
Have a QuickBooks Mess? Call the QuickBooks Gal!

Tips and Tricks!

New to QuickBooks? Don't worry the QuickBooks Gal is here!
Here are some tips for a smooth start to QuickBooks!
Start out small!:As a beginner you should create only the accounts and items you need to get going. Then add more as necessary.Back up!:Always, always back up your QuickBooks! You can back up to a network drive, external drive, CD, or to the Intuit Data Protect service. Before you do anything in QuickBooks that you’re are unfamiliar with, make a backup, and only then move forward.Try it in the sample file!:Doing something new? The sample files contain items and services typically performed by particular business types. You can use these files to try out new features you may not be familiar with and to experiment.Ask for Help!:QuickBooks can be confusing but that is why I am here!

Have any questions or concerns about QuickBooks?? Call The QuickBooks Gal today!

QuickBooks Online: How To Add An Employee

QuickBooks Online: How to add a new employee!
When adding a new employee please make sure that you have their W-4 with you!
Note: You must complete all the pay details for your employees before you can pay them.
To add an employee:
In the left navigation bar, click Employees.Click Add employee.Enter the employee's name and complete these steps:Click Enter W-4 form, and then enter the employee's withholding information.Select how often to include this employee in a payroll run.Select how you pay this employee, and enter how much. Click Add additional pay types to add a second hourly rate or other types of pay such as Overtime or Sick Pay.Under Does this employee have any deductions?, click either the pencil icon or Add a new deduction.Under How do you want to pay this employee?, click the pencil icon to select another way to pay, such as direct deposit.Then click done!
Remember to have the following information about your employee to report to the state. Remember all states require …

Check Fraud

Check Fraud is more common than you think! It's actually more common than credit card  fraud, making up more than 4 in 5 fraud attempts. About 30% of small business fail each year due to fraud. Don't be part of that statistics and order Intuit’s Secure Checks!
But why would you pay for Intuit checks when you can probably go to somewhere else and get the same thing for much less? Those other vendors might say “QuickBooks checks,” but they’re not. The only checks designed speci´Čücally for QuickBooks by the makers of QuickBooks are these. Other checks may not align properly for printing, and even if they do now, they may not with future versions of QuickBooks.
Intuit’s checks are designed by FBI fraud trainer Frank Abagnale and have 27 overt and covert features designed to keep you safe!   Secure checks help prevent fraud and element it. If you would rather not deal with fraud at all, secure checks is the best way to go!

Intuit Checks are made to keep you and your business safe! 
Have …

Increase Tax Rate for Carson City!

Carson City Tax Rate Increase: Effective October 1, 2014, the Sales and Use tax rate for Carson City will increase 7.475% to 7.60%. The Carson City Board of supervisors approved an ordinance raising the Sales and Use tax rate by 1/8%.

Those who collect and remit sales and use tax will need to make changes to business process as necessary in order to collect tax at the new rate. Businesses should be sure to file the most recently updated tax return forms. Filing online is the best option to take advantage of most up-to-date tax rates. Tax returns can be located on their website at If you have questions or require further information, please contact their Call Center at 866-962-3707.

And as always if you have any questions or concerns call The QuickBooks Gal

QuickBooks Online! We Can't Stop Talking About It!

QuickBooks Online is becoming more and more popular! Here are some reasons why we can't stop talking about QuickBooks Online!

Always be able to see who has paid and who hasn't! 

Receive invoices fast! With our payments feature your customers can press a "pay now' button and your invoices will be paid instantly via credit card or bank statement. 

You now can even capture photos of your receipts on your phone or tablet and then attach them to your QuickBooks expenses. No more saving receipts! QuickBooks now automatically takes in statements from your bank and credit card accounts, this means less work for you and it helps reduce double entry errors.

Why do other users love QuickBooks Online?
With QuickBooks Online you are constantly saving time and money, which means more time for you!  So hurry and call us today at 775-348-9225 to learn more about QuickBooks Online.